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Fujitsu - committed to digital transformation within Defence and National Security

For over 50 years we have innovated with the MOD, Government Departments and intelligence communities, co-creating new technologies and capabilities. We understand that within the military, end-to-end digitalisation is crucial, and are committed to developing innovative digital solutions that overcome the complexities of transformation and deliver information advantage.

With our portfolio of highly secure digital solutions, vast experience of security and systems integration and expertise in digitalisation, we enable you to extend your capability and functionality, transform operations and increase agility across all strategic bases.

Fujitsu Defence and National Security

Fujitsu has been a trusted UK Defence solutions provider for over 50 years. Using the latest digital technology, we help to revolutionise business outcomes and offer 24/7/365 support and network services to 250,000 service personnel around the globe.

We are constantly innovating, whether that’s rolling out Sally our virtual call centre agent to answer over 1.7 million defence user questions a year or deploying quantum-inspired digital annealer technology to solve complex combinatorial problems 10,000 times than a standard computer.

Within our workplace, we welcome service veterans and value their experience and are proud to have received an Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award for our support and commitment to the defence community.

Fujitsu Digital Backbone

Fujitsu combines secure multi-cloud capability with global innovation leadership to help you make the digital backbone a reality.

Ensuring you make the right decisions, whatever the challenges.

AI and Data Analytics

With our portfolio of AI and analytics capabilities, we enable decision advantage. We provide Defence, intelligence and military organisations with the means to translate complex data into useful information upon which they can safely base critical decisions and actions. Our AI and Data Analytics offerings include Quantum-Inspired computing and Advanced Image Recognition technology. (F|AIR).

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Digital Solutions

With our portfolio of end-to-end digital solutions, we empower Defence and military organisations to improve the continuity of operations and achieve a new level of combat readiness. We are a world-leading digital transformation expert with a wide range of digital offerings that include Secure Procurement Services, Secure Asset Management, Edgeware Solutions, C4ISR Toolset, Tactical IoT, Data Integration and Agile Applications.

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Secure Cloud and Multi-Cloud Services

At Fujitsu, we deliver scalable, flexible and secure cloud platforms based on industry-leading cloud virtualisation technology from VMware. Working with world-leading technology partners we deliver personalised, flexible, cloud and multi-cloud solutions that cover all security classifications. Within the UK, we are certified for Cyber Essentials Plus and to ISO 27001.

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Secure Networks

As a provider of the Global Connectivity Service to the MOD, we are at the forefront of providing high-speed secure network connectivity and integration solutions. Our highly secure network solutions integrate people and technology with the best COTS technologies from industry-leading vendors. Our portfolio of offerings includes Secure Cross-Domain Gateway Solutions, Secure Managed Mobile Services, Secure Network Connectivity Services and Secure Virtual Edge WAN.

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Fujitsu – committed to responsible business

Within Defence, we are exceptionally proud of our long working history and ongoing support of the UK MOD and intelligence communities. Our commitment to Armed Forces initiatives and support of military charities forms a crucial part of our pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant.

Corporate Responsibility remains at the heart of our long-term business strategy. Our long-standing affiliation with the British Armed Forces and its focus on veterans and their families forms a major part of our responsible business drive. We have a network of people working on responsible business, who throughout the UK, work together to share ideas, solve challenges and work towards best practice in diversity and inclusion, community involvement and development, wellbeing and operating practices and the environment.

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Recruitment and Veterans

Our time working within Defence and National Security has enabled us to recognise the significant contributions that can be made by veterans and reserve personnel within the commercial sector. For many years, we have been helping Service leavers to transition from military to civilian life by providing opportunities for veterans to develop rewarding careers within our organisation. Working closely with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and CTP Assist, we widely promote our vacancies to the Service leaver community and facilitate a recruitment process that recognises Armed Forces skills and qualifications.

Today, up to 15% of our 4,000 Defence and National Security business staff originate from a Services background, fulfilling a wide variety of roles from project management and support roles to service engineers and test analysts.

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Fujitsu Global Defence Initiative

At Fujitsu, we have a long history of working in close partnership with Defence and National Security organisations around the globe, including in Europe, Africa, India, the Middle East, Canada and the USA.

Our work within this sector has provided us with excellent insight into the many challenges military organisations face when responding to a large-scale crisis. Applying the knowledge and experience we have gained, has enabled us to develop secure, reliable and innovative solutions that seamlessly join critical information across organisational boundaries.

Why choose Fujitsu as your Defence partner?

We have decades of experience delivering innovative and cost-effective Defence specific IT solutions. Throughout our long-standing history with the MOD we have developed a deep understanding of the Defence sector and its technology requirements.

In the UK, we extensively consult with the National Cyber Security Centre - the Information Security arm of GCHQ and are certified for Cyber Essentials Plus and to ISO 27001. We are experts at delivering highly secure solutions that operate at SECRET or ABOVE SECRET classifications.


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