Fujitsu IT Solutions for Defence and National Security

Fujitsu has been a UK Ministry of Defence technology and service provider for over 50 years. Over the course of our long-standing relationship with the MOD, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the Defence sector and its technology requirements.

As one of the largest IT services and solutions providers in the world, we are globally renowned for our expertise in digital transformation. Through the development of cutting edge digital solutions, we are helping to shape a new world and transform how people live, work, communicate and share data.

In this new hyper-connected world, where people and things are inter-linked and connected, our solutions enable vast amounts of information to be collected, shared and utilised in new and innovative ways. With our technology, we enhance lives and increase productivity.

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Fujitsu’s commitment to providing ICT in Defence and National Security

For more than 5 decades we have been a major supplier to the UK MOD, Government Departments and intelligence communities, and we remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions to overcome the complexities and challenges faced by military organisations today.

  • We have a National Defence Centre that supports over 200,000 MOD users, and is staffed by dedicated specialists.
  • We have over 5,500 security cleared staff across the UK and Ireland.
  • We offer a wide range of IT services, from generic industry offerings to specialist military services.
  • We provide cutting-edge training and simulation solutions to get soldiers ready for the battlefield.

With our specialist IT solutions we transform how military and intelligence agencies communicate. Our broad range of highly secure Defence technology and products can dramatically increase the effectiveness of limited MOD resources. With our help, Defence personnel and departments can work, interact and closely collaborate to improve operational efficiency. From strategic base to tactical theatre, Defence supplier to dismounted soldier, our networking and systems integration capabilities link and enhance situational awareness.

Using our vast experience of security and systems integration, and expertise in digital modernisation, we can:

  • extract the maximum benefit from your existing IT systems
  • apply innovations and developments to extend your capability and functionality
  • deliver a single information environment to transform operations
  • bring pace and agility across all strategic bases and tactical theatres

Our Defence offerings include:

Agile Analytics

Within Defence, we recognise the need to perform rapid analytics in difficult operational environments. To enable military and intelligence communities to gain real-time insight into ongoing scenarios, we have developed an innovative new approach to interrogating and analysing huge volumes of data from a wide range of sources in a fraction of the time it takes traditional manual techniques and processes.

Logistics and Asset Management

Using our proven Edgeware solution we deliver comprehensive and effective end-to-end visibility of military support chains, and enable enhanced support chain performance on inventory and cost.

IT Applications Services

We understand the need to run and upgrade business applications in a fast, secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner. To this end, we deliver Application Solutions underpinned by our secure, reliable, high-performance IaaS cloud computing to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase agility.

Network and Cyber Security

We have been a trusted IT service and solutions provider to the MOD for over 5 decades, and understand the consequences of an IT security breach. Our intelligence-led security services create certainty of outcome by minimising risk and protecting valuable information assets and vital data.

IT Infrastructure Services

From project-based engagements to the provision of ongoing managed services, we have the service provision you need to; increase the efficiency of your military operations, drive continuous improvement, and ease the burden on your IT staff. We are experts in IT security, and have extensive experience of delivering highly secure solutions for Government services operating at Secret or Above Secret classifications.

Operational Applications and Services

Our range of specialist operational applications and services, deliver a secure single information environment to address the challenge of enabling access to and analysis of, critical information delivered via disparate systems, sources and devices.

Fujitsu Global Defence Initiative

We work in close partnership with Defence departments around the globe, including in Europe, Africa, India, the Middle East, Canada and the USA. Our work within this sector, has provided us with excellent insight into the many challenges that need to be overcome, to effectively and successfully respond to a large-scale crisis.

We have applied the knowledge and experience that we have gained, to developing secure, reliable and innovative solutions that seamlessly join critical information across organisational boundaries.

Why partner with Fujitsu?

We can help you to improve the quality of your information and how you use it. By exploiting a wide range of IT based solutions, we enable your information to deliver a high performing yet more cost-effective capability. With our help, you can dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your limited assets and resources.

At Fujitsu, we deliver cost effective, innovative solutions specifically developed for Defence and National Security, however our commitment doesn’t end there. We also support our nation’s Armed Forces as a proud sponsor of the UK’s longest serving military charity – SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity.

  • Fujitsu in Defence and National Security - Fujitsu works with many military organisations, intelligence communities and Government Departments, to provide highly secure Information and Communication Systems Services.

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  • Fujitsu Secure Networks - Highly secure network solutions delivering resilient connectivity and seamless integration.

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  • Offerings and Capabilities - In line with MOD IT strategy, Fujitsu provides Defence IT solutions using industry-leading commercial off-the shelf products. We deliver agile solutions with IT security at their core.

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  • Veterans, Reservists and Recruitment – Fujitsu helps Service Leavers transition from military to civilian life by providing career opportunities for ex-military personnel.

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  • Responsible Business – Corporate Responsibility lies at the heart of Fujitsu’s long-term business strategy. Our efforts in this area have been nationally recognised, with our being named as the 2015 ‘Responsible Business of the Year’. Specifically within Defence, we are exceptionally proud of our long working history and ongoing support of the MOD. Our commitment to Armed Forces initiatives and support of military charities, forms a crucial element of our pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant.

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