Digital Transformation for Government

Against a backdrop of political turbulence, government departments and agencies face pressing challenges in learning fast and acting quickly to deliver innovative services on-demand – and at speed. Digital co-creation offers an opportunity to respond and scale dynamically, to efficiently transform services in a way that is secure, resilient and customised according to your unique requirements.

At Fujitsu, we have vast experience of designing and building new applications and implementing cost-effective digital solutions. We can enable you to transition and digitally transform from slow legacy IT to fast IT, with our help you can deliver the services citizens need to get on with their lives.

Watch our video or download our public-sector brochure to discover how we can help you achieve your digital vision:

  Download ‘Transforming public sector services through the power of digital’ PDF

Driving UK GDP growth through transformation of UK border performance

An efficient and effective border administration eases the flow of international trade, driving GDP growth while enhancing the economic competitiveness of the country. It ensures revenues are collected and homeland security is maintained, whilst goods move ‘friction-free’ across the border to support industry and promote trade.

This paper explores three major near-term priorities related to EU Exit, and how relevant technology may offer automation to help address them, recommendations of principles to underpin the technical strategy of the Future Border, and the role of new and emerging technologies in delivering a future UK border vision.

So is technology the answer to border control? Read about it in our blog here

  Sarah Wilkinson, former CIO at the Home Office and now CEO of NHS Digital

How is technology transforming Britain?

The UK faces an uncertain future. One thing is for sure, though. Technology is playing a massive role in the social and economic changes we’re seeing, and will continue to see for some time.

How does the British public feel about the way technology is transforming their lives? How are these changes affecting business decisions? And what do they mean for the public sector?

Find out by reading our research report, Technology in a Transforming Britain, now.

Download our ‘Technology in a Transforming Britain’ report PDF

A vision of the public sector in 2030.

Where is technology taking us? That all depends on the choices we make today. If we’re mindful of the human impact digital transformation can have, we could follow a path to prosperity. If not, we may be on a road to regression.

Discover two very different visions of the public sector in 2030, and five things we can do now to lay the foundations of a prosperous future, by reading our Timeline 2030 report.

Download our ‘Timeline 2030’ report PDF’ report PDF

Why choose Fujitsu as your government IT solutions provider?

With over 40 years of experience working in close collaboration with the UK government, we are the right partner to support you on your digital journey. With our digital technology and service offering, we have the capabilities to empower your government organisation to improve citizens’ lives. We already work with central and local government bodies enabling them to make a difference to peoples’ lives, we enable:

Police icon

We enable the police with the details of 55 million registered vehicles and driving licence holders

properties icon

We keep 1.2 million properties in flood risk areas in the picture

benefits icon

We support the payment of £170 billion in benefits and pensions

fraud icon

We have detected over £400 million fraud and error in tax credit claims

cyber-attack icon

We identify and investigate a cyber-attack every 12 minutes

UK borders icon

We protect UK borders by enabling entry checks

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