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Everything we do is aligned with your policies, ambitions and strategy – the Roadmap for Digital and Data, 2022 to 2025 and its six cross-government missions. Fujitsu co-creates with you to deliver against a consistent measure of performance, embedding digital approaches and Agile ways of working to enable you to become a more “transformed, more efficient digital government that provides better outcomes for everyone”.

We deliver at scale to support the UK’s critical national infrastructure, securely-by-design. Whether it’s to improve the experience of civil servants working at home, hubs and HQ, or to use low code to maximise your existing investments and accelerate transformation for citizens. Fujitsu has the Digital Data and Technology (DDaT) skills and resources to help you overcome the barriers to sustainable transformation, remediate legacy IT and technical debt as well as migrate your applications with a cloud-first approach.

As the #2 and a Strategic Supplier to government, we’re on all the major Crown Commercial frameworks such as gCloud and are accessible through the Digital Marketplace. From Digital Transformation to Cognitive and Advanced Technologies such as Quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence to workplace services and Hybrid IT, if you’d like to know more about how we can help you deliver better outcomes for your employees or citizens, please contact us.

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    Government Shared Services

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    Police and Public Protection

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Strengthening the bridge between the UK and Japan

What sets Fujitsu apart from other IT companies is our deep-rooted connection to Japan and our Japanese heritage. Japan has long been a pioneer in technology and innovation, and Fujitsu has played a pivotal role in shaping Japan's technological landscape, establishing itself as a global leader in innovation.

Recently, Fujitsu has made significant investments in the UK to strengthen our ties with Japan by establishing CCAT, the Center for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies. CCAT serves as a hub for collaboration and innovation, providing a direct bridge between Japan and the UK. This allows the UK to tap into Japan's leadership in emerging technologies such as AI, Quantum and blockchain while Japan benefits from the UK's thriving research and innovation ecosystem. This fosters a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two countries.

Strengthening the bridge between the UK and Japan

Government Shared Services

Fujitsu has extensive experience and expertise implementing both Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud including payroll services and integrating that into MyCSP, the UK Civil Service Pension for over 200,000 civil servants.

Government Shared Services


Podcast – The Future of Data Driven Government

Mike Hoare, Chief Digital Officer for Public Sector, Fujitsu shares his thoughts on infrastructure, service design and delivery.

Podcast – The Future of Data Driven Government

Podcast – Data Interoperability: Where Government is Heading Next

Mike Hoare, Chief Digital Officer for Public Sector, Fujitsu shares his thoughts on where government is heading next.

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