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An interactive discussion with Professor Michael Sandel

How can we rebuild trust in the digital world?

How should we respond to hard ethical questions posed by digital technologies? Professor Michael Sandel and eight panelists lively discussed the ethical challenges related to personal data and AI, as well as the responsibility of corporations in society.

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Is the Data on Your Side?

Digital technology is pervasive throughout our lives, but our survey indicates that people concern about privacy and cybersecurity.

Fujitsu Surveys Business Leaders across 9 Countries on the Status of Digital Transformation

Building Trust to Successfully Drive Digital Transformation

In today's complex world, rebuilding trust is the central issue to create a better future.
Fujitsu conducted a survey to clarify how business leaders perceive trust and to reveal success factors and organizational abilities for digital transformation.

President's Message

President's Message : Takahito Tokita

Based on a vast array of advanced digital technologies, Fujitsu provides value and robust support for the trust underlying our customers' businesses.


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