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What is leadership that enables an organization to continuously innovate?

Innovation and Leadership

To generate innovation, how can we build a truly human centric organization that leverages the creativity of people? How can we put that into practice at large Japanese companies? We discussed this theme with Professor Linda A. Hill, Harvard Business School, and Akira Fukabori, who leads the Avatar project at ANA Holdings.

AI ethics and nature of trust in the age of information explosion

Striking a Balance: What Tech Companies Must Do To Win Back Their Customers’ Trust

As the digital age unfolds and the pace of change quickens, we face about the true benefits of technology and the practices and motives of technology companies. Executive Discussion Evening series, titled, “Are We Running Out of Trust? Power and Responsibility in a Digital Age” was held in March 2019 in London, and there was a lively discussion.

An interactive discussion with Professor Michael Sandel

How can we rebuild trust in the digital world?

How should we respond to hard ethical questions posed by digital technologies? Professor Michael Sandel and eight panelists lively discussed the ethical challenges related to personal data and AI, as well as the responsibility of corporations in society.


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