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Fujitsu Events

Events at Fujitsu

Our events explore the latest thinking in digital transformation - Contact us for more informationRead blog articles
Upcoming Events

Airmic Conference 2019

Calendar3-5 June 2019
Google MapHCC Yorkshire, Harrogate

We are happy to be the title sponsor of the Tech Hub at the yearly Airmic Conference. The Association of Insurance and Risk Management in Industry and Commerce (AIRMIC) is a UK-based association and representative body. Every year they organize an annual conference which brings together risk professionals from across the country and wider afield, with excellent opportunities for networking and for partners to showcase their products and services. This year’s theme is New World. New Solutions. We are supporting other ICT companies have a greater understanding of the challenges faced by the Insurance Industry. We will demonstrate how Smart technology can help them fight fraud and get closer to their customers. You can visit us in hall B at the Fujitsu Tech Hub. We hope to see you in June!

co-create to innovate in the digital age
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Fujitsu World Tour

Calendar4th July 2019
Google MapNovotel London West

Fujitsu World Tour brings together a wide range of industry and technology thought leaders, to share insights and showcase solutions designed to accelerate the pace of transformation in your organisation. In 2019 we are delighted to be joining forces with Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, who will bring their annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering event to Fujitsu World Tour. Each year, Fujitsu Innovation Gathering showcases ground-breaking research and development initiatives with ‘social innovation’ at their heart. We’re sure you will be inspired by the new possibilities and fascinated to discover how technology is helping to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Fujitsu World Tour
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Highlights from our latest event

Fujitsu Forum 2018: Why co-creation will deliver success.

What do you need to succeed in business today? Beyond the cutting-edge technology and exciting applications at Fujitsu Forum last week, this was the question really on everyone’s mind.

We asked nearly 2,000 business leaders for their view, and the answer was perhaps comforting. Despite living in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, people remain at the heart of success – and particularly, the innovators, ‘do-ers’ and collaborators.

That’s why the theme of 2018’s Fujitsu Forum has been co-creation for success: connecting people and organisations to draw on their respective strengths.

Throughout Fujitsu Forum, it was clear that from quantum-inspired banking to VR cancer support, the results of co-creation can be truly amazing – and it’s a process that’s always evolving.

Fujitsu ForumSee the full event review

Fujitsu Executive Discussion Evening - Leadership in a virtual age

At Fujitsu’s October 2018 event we discussed the ever-changing nature of leadership, and considered the skills and attributes leaders will need to be successful in a world where people are increasingly reliant on technology as a means of communicating with their followers.

Kevin Green, former HR Director at Royal Mail, argued that in a volatile world, the need for leadership is actually a constant, even if the environment is ever-changing. In this context, Kevin highlighted that authenticity is the leader’s must-have trait, which will ultimately engender trust and belief amongst followers.

Technology in a transforming Britain

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What's in it for you ?

Fujitsu’s corporate event programmes have been carefully designed to create opportunities for you to engage with your peers on the hottest topics affecting business and technology today. In the face of unrelenting change we are all coming to the realisation our organisations will look very different in a few years - different size, different shape, different ways of engaging with our customers and employees. But one thing seems clear - we all need to adapt and collaborate in order to survive.

Through industry subject matters and thought leaders, Fujitsu’s events explore how digital transformation is demanding business models to be changed and new thinking to be adopted if organisations are to survive. We explore in detail, how technology and co-creation are fundamental in exploiting the full possibilities of the digital era.

Across the programme, there are a wide range of events to suit everyone, across different locations. Take a look at the video to understand more about what you could experience at one of our events.


Key Event Programmes

Executive Discussion Evenings

This event brings together an influential community of senior decision-makers from across the UK's public and private sectors to discuss key boardroom-level issues.

Woment in Technology

We hear from women at different stages in their technology careers to discuss how they have shaped a role in the industry.From apprentices, to graduates to CEOs, we welcome all women in technology to join us for a chance to shine.

Fujitsu Forum

With over 12,000 visitors from 80 countries, Fujitsu Forum is the largest technology event in the European calendar.

Fujitsu World Tour

At Fujitsu World Tour, London, over 1000 people met to discuss the reality of digital transformation, and its implications for business and society.



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