Working With Our Customers

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our current era is characterized by dizzying levels of social and economic change, and it seems impossible to predict what will come about in the future. In this kind of landscape, it is vital that we maintain an accurate understanding of our customers’ various needs and adapt quickly to changes as they arise. In order to accomplish this, we must think and behave from the customer perspective, and engage continuously in reform.

Working with the Customer to Drive Field Innovation

Field Innovation is utilizing sensors, videos and other cutting-edge digital technology to observe and analyze people’s behaviors and mentalities in the places where our customers actually are, and discovering wasteful parts of processes, as well as possible hints for making improvements, which were heretofore unnoticed. We optimize Fujitsu’s advanced technology in order to maximize value for our customers and provide support for their efforts to evolve and grow their businesses.

This process happens through our Field Innovators (FIers), and their work with the customers. These are individuals who have built up their careers in various business areas, and who are skilled at advancing reform, utilizing visualization technologies, and consensus building. FIers delve into customers’ actual places of business to confirm the intentions of top-level management, and identify challenges by conducting on-site interviews and visualization processes. Working in conjunction with customers, FIers provide support for resolving customer issues from a third-party perspective.

  • FY 2019 Field Innovation Performance: 315 cases

The Fujitsu Customer Contact Center and Fujitsu Contact Line

Both the Fujitsu Customer Contact Center and the Fujitsu Contact Line allow us to gain an accurate understanding of customer inquiries, and quickly transfer customer inquiries to the relevant division. They also work as a form of surveillance, helping prevent missed and late responses. These improve customer satisfaction by facilitating quick responses, and also allow us to analyze customer inquiries so that we can improve the development and quality of our products and services. We also have an international coordination system in place for these points of contact, in order to facilitate smooth communication both domestically and internationally.

Operating Framework

Trends in Inquiries (Number of Inquiries)

The Fujitsu Family Association

As Japan’s largest ICT user coalition, the Fujitsu Family Association (hereafter, the Family Association), which is made up of approximately 4,250 companies and organizations that have adopted Fujitsu products and services, offers opportunities to socialize and exchange information that are mutually beneficial for both Family Association members and Fujitsu. The Family Association has made significant contributions to the building of long-lasting relationships among its members. The purpose of the association is to provide a place for each member company to solve the issues they face based on the pillars of human resources development, information gathering, and cross-industry cooperation, and for sharing their thoughts and values related to ICT.

The activities of the Family Association are supported by the efforts of its 11 branches nationwide, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Each branch has devised its own way to organize events such as ICT-related seminars, personnel development, and locally oriented social events, for a total of roughly 500 events and approximately 30,000 participants each year.

Advertising and Promotion Policy

At Fujitsu, we work to make sure that our advertising makes use of fair and appropriate language and symbols, and are in adherence to laws, regulations, and in-house rules. In FY 2020, we will engender the trust of society through innovation, and promote our initiatives to make the world a more sustainable place, so that those efforts will be more widely recognized. In FY 2019, we plan to promote the efforts we have made to collaborate with customer businesses using our strength in digital technologies, and make these efforts more widely known to the public. We also set goals (KPIs) and monitor these indices via the PDCA cycle to see if they have been achieved, in order to determine whether our advertising policies have been effective and cost-effective.

Due to changes in the Fujitsu business model, we have also not had products and/or services that would fall under the regulation of the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

Fujitsu offer contact lines where the general public can voice their opinions about our advertisements. We take all of these opinions to heart, respond in a measured way with regard to matters that require a response, and do our best to engage in further communication.

Universal Design

Fujitsu promotes universal design for products and services, with the aim of helping to create a safe, comfortable, and plentiful society where each person can fully demonstrate their own abilities.

Fujitsu’s Role

There is a globally shared awareness that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations, which aim to make a sustainable world a reality, are common challenges. Ideas about diversity and inclusion are part of the context for these SDGs. By offering products and services that anyone can use, as well as technology and ICT infrastructure to support them, Fujitsu contributes to the creation of this sustainable, diverse, and plentiful society.

  • Fujitsu Universal Design
  • FY 2019 Examples of Efforts Toward Universal Design
    We received five International Design Award 2019 awards (including a Grand Prize and Gold Award) from the International Association for Universal Design (IAUD). This award is given to individuals/organizations who have achieved particularly outstanding ideas or results, towards the realization of a UD society that is secure and comfortable for as many people as possible.
  • IAUD International Design Award 2019 (Award Details)
  • Customer Workshops to Implement More Inclusive DX
    By co-creating with customers, Fujitsu aspires to create services, organizations, and a society that is inclusive and better enriches our lives. We offer co-creation workshops where we forge visions and ideas created from diverse perspectives, as well as sustainable solutions. In FY 2019, we conducted workshops with customers in order to implement diversity and inclusion, centered around the theme of improving the user experience on public transportation for wheelchair users. We are currently working on implementing the solutions that were brought up during the workshop.
  1. Aiding the five senses
    We aid the five senses and offer diverse usage methods, so that differences in senses such as vision and hearing do not restrict the use of products and services.
  2. Reducing physical stress
    We design dimensions, layouts, and operation methods to allow low-strain usage for all, regardless of physical abilities such as stature, strength, mobility, posture, and wheelchair use.
  3. Caring about experience and culture
    We present information using expressions that can be clearly understood by users of diverse personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Ensuring availability
    We consider time and place, weather, the individual user, surrounding conditions, and other aspects, and adapt to changing conditions.
  5. Maximizing usability
    We pursue greater usability, to raise levels of safety, sense of security, effectiveness, sufficiency, and satisfaction.
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