Working With Our Customers


Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our current era is characterized by dizzying levels of social and economic change, and it seems impossible to predict what will come about in the future. In this kind of landscape, it is vital that we maintain an accurate understanding of our customers’ various needs and adapt quickly to changes as they arise. In order to accomplish this, we must think and behave from the customer perspective, and engage continuously in reform.

The Fujitsu Customer Contact Center and Fujitsu Contact Line

To be able to address roughly 40,000 annual customer inquiries quickly and accurately, the Fujitsu Customer Contact Center and the Fujitsu Contact Line collaborate with multiple departments and utilize AI and chatbots to respond. Furthermore, they also act as a form of surveillance, helping prevent missed and late responses. Not only do they increase customer satisfaction by facilitating quick answers, but they also allow us to analyze information about customer inquiries so that we can improve the development and quality of our products and services.

Operating Framework

Advertising and Promotion Policy

At Fujitsu, we work to make sure that our advertising makes use of fair and appropriate language and symbols, and are in adherence to laws and internal regulations. In FY 2023, we will engender the trust of society through innovation, and promote our initiatives to make the world a more sustainable place, so that those efforts will be more widely recognized. We also set goals (KPIs) and monitor these indices via the PDCA cycle to see if they have been achieved, in order to determine whether our advertising policies have been effective and cost-effective.

Due to changes in the Fujitsu business model, we have also not had products and/or services that would fall under the regulation of the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

Fujitsu offer contact lines where the general public can voice their opinions about our advertisements. We take all of these opinions to heart, respond in a measured way with regard to matters that require a response, and do our best to engage in further communication.

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