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Challenge 1: Managing the passenger experience

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As passenger demands and expectations continue to increase year on year, implementing digital services to enhance the passenger experience is crucial to success.

In rail, this means continuously improving:

  • Service levels
  • Access to information
  • Punctuality

Fujitsu works collaboratively with its rail clients to meet demands, introduce new technologies and services and overall, improve the customer experience.

Rail ticketing systems

Our ticketing capabilities and range of IT solutions help increase the mobility of station and on-board ticketing. We have augmented our established range of ticket office machines with on-board and contactless ticketing solutions, to increase the ease of customer purchase.

Train information systems

Passengers expect accurate information about their journeys at the touch of a button. Our IT solutions are specifically designed to meet this challenge and digitise the railway. Our wireless network capabilities provide over 800,000 passengers a day with online access in a number of locations across London. Our real-time information systems provide up-to-date information to the passenger on their journeys. Our wireless solutions also provide vital information to rail operators to enable them to proactively manage and maintain their rail network, meaning faults are mitigated and trains are running efficiently.

We enable rail users to obtain all the appropriate information they could possibly need; whenever and wherever they choose.