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Contact Fujitsu

Need help with product support for desktops, laptops, servers or other hardware? Click to contact the product support team.
Need help with business IT services, solutions or products? Click to contact the support team online or phone AskFujitsu on +44 (0)843 354 7998
Need help with careers at Fujitsu? Click to contact the careers support team.

Want to work with Fujitsu? Visit our Connect2Fujitsu Portal.

Contact other Fujitsu companies

In order to help us to redirect you to the most appropriate Fujitsu business area, please select your area of interest using the options below.  

For information about Fujitsu IT products, services and solutions for businesses telephone AskFujitsu on +44 (0) 843 354 7998.

You can write to Fujitsu UK & Ireland at: 
22 Baker Street
United Kingdom,