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Case Studies

  • Trinidad & Tobago Police Service
    Fujitsu created a database of fingerprints that would allow the police service to solve, prevent and diminish criminal activity in Trinidad and Tobago. This mandate was developed with the background of the police force being at the time, technologically behind the curve, with fewer than 5 PCs in service and no institutional IT infrastructure in place.
  • Jamaica National Land Agency
    Jamaica National Land Agency (NLA) brings together the core land information functions of the Government under one roof; Land Titles; Surveys and Mapping; Land Valuation & Estate Management. The entity was formed to create a modern national land (spatial) information system designed to support sustainable development.
  • Government of Anguilla
    In 1995, based on a feasibility study recommendation, the British Government initiated a project to create an on-line 24x7 company incorporation service as the feature that would set Anguilla apart from the other jurisdictions.