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Fujitsu Enterprise IT Services and Solutions

IT Services

Business IT services from Fujitsu - adding value, delivering results.

In today’s highly competitive world, organisations across all sectors are turning to IT service providers to help them reduce costs, boost productivity and enhance performance.

As a world-class end-to-end IT services provider, with over 80 years’ experience working with organisations from all sectors around the globe, Fujitsu can provide the business IT solutions you need to improve efficiency, add value and lower costs.

We design, develop, implement, manage and optimise access to systems and information to answer your business processing, application and infrastructure needs.

Our offerings cover a broad range of IT services which include:

Managed Desktop Services
Service Desk Services
Dynamic Infrastructures

Whether you are a private or public sector organisation, or whether you want to run our solutions on your own hardware, or outsource your IT through us, Fujitsu has the expertise you need to overcome the business challenges you face.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions which can be uniquely tailored to align with your individual business needs

Fujitsu IT outsourcing services – delivering genuine business benefits.

1. Reduced operating costs
By outsourcing you can eliminate the costs associated with hiring employees.
2. Gain access to specialist individuals
By outsourcing to a specialist IT services provider you benefit from a whole team of highly trained IT professionals. With a dedicated helpdesk your staff are free to concentrate on your products and customers.
3. Reduced risk
Keeping up with technology is expensive and time consuming, but by outsourcing your IT you receive the right advice to ensure you implement the right solutions.
4. Increased efficiency and reduced
By outsourcing there is no need to invest in costly hardware and upgrades, you have access to the latest software and hardware.
5. Around the clock access to instant support
By outsourcing issues can be resolved rapidly and remotely.
6. Peace of mind
By outsourcing you no longer need to worry about data security issues or disaster recovery.

Why outsource your IT to Fujitsu?

With Fujitsu’s IT outsourcing services you gain access to more than just a single IT professional.

Our IT specialists are highly trained with the expertise and experience you need to ensure you implement high value, cost effective global solutions that are secure and flexible. By outsourcing through us you are able to manage your business in a more profitable way.

We are an end-to-end IT managed service provider and offer a wide range of business IT services that add value and deliver real results.

We implement quality IT solutions to meet your needs and your customers’ needs.

Find out more about Fujitu's range of IT services