Changing the game through cognitive technologies

Realising a smarter future for business, government and society

Combining the power of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and digital twin technology has the potential to transform the way we live and work. 

By fostering impactful innovation and extending the use of cognitive technologies, we can deliver real outcomes across the public and private sectors, and provide essential support for communities.


The Centre for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies

Convergence of cognitive and advanced technologies is crucial to transforming the way we make decisions.

The Centre brings together innovation in areas including quantum computing, artificial intelligence and digital twin technology, as part of Fujitsu’s commitment to developing a high-skills UK economy.

Providing a direct link to our work in Japan, the Centre will provide a focal point for collaboration between industry, Government and academia, as well as enhancing the UK’s ability to draw on Japan’s leadership in areas such as super computing and Fujitsu’s work on Fugaku, one of the world’s most powerful super computers.

The Centre will be established via an initial £22m investment by Fujitsu, contributing to the creation of over 200 high-skilled jobs over the next 12 months. Take a look at our FAQs for further details.

Rapidly realising these benefits will require focus in key areas:

  • Smart innovation: applying innovation where it will achieve greatest impact
  • Powering the first quantum ready economy: investing in the UK’s status as a scientific superpower
  • Transforming business and government: harnessing and scaling AI and quantum to deliver tangible outcomes across public and private sectors
  • Creating a trusted society: bringing together and scaling cognitive technologies to create safe, secure and resilient communities

Global Britain’s scientific super power potential and ensure the UK is the world’s first quantum- ready economy.

Both in Japan and the UK, we are working to meet shared goals which can only be achieved through international collaboration and seeking to realise the transformative benefits that cognitive technologies will bring across the delivery of public services, the optimisation of business and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Fujitsu’s AI helps organisations to act, innovate and go beyond their current capabilities while also reducing costs. To succeed and grow in this challenging world, businesses must adapt at speed and find new ways of working to generate ongoing business value.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired Optimisation Services (QIOS), powered by the Digital Annealer platform, are helping organisations to address the extreme complexity of modern business and societal challenges.

Building an innovation bridge between the UK and Japan

Keynote with Vivek Mahajan (Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu) at the Quantum and AI Summit describing how Cognitive Technologies can connect people, technology and ideas to create a brighter future for business, government and society.

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Harnessing the power of cognitive technologies

Panel discussion at the Quantum & AI Summit with Fujitsu, HSBC and BEIS. This was a discussion on the power of cognitive technologies and how to win the global race for a smarter future for business, government and society.

Watch the full panel discussion

Cognitive technologies in action: revolutionising decision making

Vivek Mahajan, Keith Dear and David Snelling explain emerging technology’s role in revolutionising decision making, focusing on the importance of ethical AI, the need for the UK to focus on computing power - as well as algorithms and data - and the importance of convergence between AI and quantum

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Cognitive technologies in action: why partnerships are vital to revolutionising decision making

Keith Dear, Ellen Devereux and David Snelling look at the need for partnerships to realise the value of emerging technology, what organisations can do to prepare for quantum and how quantum-inspired computing is already revolutionising decision making within organisations In the second video, we investigate the need for partnerships to realise the value of emerging technology, what organisations can do to prepare for quantum and how quantum-inspired computing is already revolutionising decision making within organisations

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Explore our Quantum and AI city

Quantum and AI are already making an impact to multiple industries – with our technology touching 99% of the population every day.

When you make an order online, our technology impacts all stages of the supply chain – from identifying flaws in manufacturing, through to optimizing warehouse operations to select your orders in the most efficient manner, to maximizing delivery capacity and dropping off your parcels to you in the quickest, most cost-effective route.

Our 3D City demonstrates real life examples of where AI and Quantum make a difference to your daily lives, even impacting your health and safety. From accelerating drug discovery processes, to detecting brain aneurysms faster, and protecting police with digital identification.

Explore our Quantum and AI city

The world moves better with Connected Digital Twins and the Actlyzer

The Actlyzer is a unique, dynamic bridge between the real and the virtual world. It uses connected Digital Twins to enable people to interact with accurate detailed models of human movement, and to enable telepresence.

See here some of the ways Connected Digital Twins and The Actlyzer can change the world

Kawasaki City

Kawasaki is the birthplace of Fujitsu. In 2014, Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki, where Fujitsu was first established, joined forces to sign a framework agreement with a purpose of creating a sustainable city through collaboration.

In 2017, this collaboration was strengthened further, with Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki working together to respond to risen challenges of this new era. This included working with the Kawasaki City School for the Deaf on a ‘Future School Commute’ project, focusing on citizen-centric, inclusive city planning. With an aim to use technology to help children living in a soundless world get to school safely, securely and happily every day.

As of June 2021, our partnership was reinforced amidst the societal and environmental changes. The latest phase of our partnership focuses on four key themes. These themes; Health, Safety and Security, Environment and Work and Living were identified as the most important to citizens in increasing the value of the city.

Kawasaki City

  • Quantum Value Assessment

    Does your organisation have a desire to comprehend the current capabilities and potential evolving uses of quantum technology specific to your sector?

    Are you ready to identify actions to improve your quantum readiness and uncover the early benefits of quantum computing customised to your Organisation?

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Case studies

Accelerating drug discovery with quantum-inspired computing

With a 12-15 year drug development cycle costing up to US$2bn, it’s essential the pharmaceutical industry applies disruptive innovation faster than ever before.

Our quantum-inspired drug discovery platform brings together pioneering technology to significantly improve the speed and quality of small molecule lead discovery - delivering novel molecules in 7 weeks.

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Making space sustainable with quantum-inspired computing

There are currently approximately 160 million objects in orbit – mainly debris – which could collide with satellites vital to services we use every day.

To tackle this challenge, Fujitsu is working with Astroscale UK, University of Glasgow and AWS to successfully combine quantum-inspired computing and Artificial Intelligence to transform space debris removal.

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Modernizing the UK's flood warning service

As climate change has increased the risks of extreme weather events, Fujitsu used Agile approaches and cocreation with the Environment Agency to deliver a cloud-first critical flood warning system. Using digital co-creation techniques, Fujitsu helped the Agency create a warning-as-a-service platform, created an entirely new warning within 20 minutes rather than half a day.

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Modernizing the UK's flood warning service

Ensuring food safety and boosting healthy living with AI

Phytocontrol analyzes food samples to ensure they are free from contaminants and fit for human consumption. The company wanted to automate the process using AI and turned to Fujitsu to co-create a new solution with an intuitive interface, integrated with a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

Discover more [PDF, 573KB]

Ensuring food safety and boosting healthy living with AI

Our experts

  • Ellen Devereux

    Ellen Devereux
    Ellen Devereux is working at Fujitsu in the role of Quantum-inspired Optimisation Services Consultant and she is project managing their inspiring Drug Discovery Platform bringing her passion and expertise in analytical thinking and complex problem solving. Ellen is inspired to realise the potential that technology and people have to digitally transform the world.

  • Dr David Snelling

    Dr David Snelling
    Dave has a track record of theoretical and practical background being a Lecturer in Computer Science for more than 10 years before starting at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, prior to his move to the CTO Office at Fujitsu. He has been leading the work to develop the platform and is excited about the impact it will have on improving the drug discovery process.

Discover more about Quantum and Artificial Intelligence at Fujitsu

  • Space Debris Removal

    Space Debris Removal

    Delivering a solution for the cost-effective removal of space debris
  • Quantum computing

    Quantum computing

    Optimise and innovate with Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired computing technology
  • Drug discovery

    Drug discovery

    Faster molecular similarity search
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