Commercialising Quantum and AI

Driving innovation between the UK and Japan

Technology has the power to help us solve the world’s most difficult problems and to transform society for the better. Quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence are central to realising the transformative nature of technology to bring real tangible benefits to organisations and society as a whole.

Fujitsu is committed to fostering innovation in Quantum and AI and commercialising these exciting emerging technologies. We are drawing from our global expertise and reach in Japan and around the world to create a new model of innovation to realise Global Britain’s scientific super power potential and ensure the UK is the world’s first quantum ready economy.

Both in Japan and the UK, we are working to tackle shared challenges and goals which can only be achieved through international collaboration and seeking to realise the transformative benefits that Quantum and AI will bring across the delivery of public services, the optimisation of business and beyond.

Realise the benefits of Quantum and AI

Quantum computing and AI technologies are no longer the future. They can deliver the power to transform your organization today:

  • Rapidly solving complex optimisation problems
  • Driving innovation between the UK and Japan
  • Contributing to the UK becoming a Science Superpower
  • Predicting tsunamis and flood risk
  • Accelerating drug discovery
  • Innovating to make space sustainable
  • Making a difference today

Explore our Quantum and AI city

Quantum and AI are already making an impact to multiple industries – with our technology touching 99% of the population every day. When you make an order online, our technology impacts all stages of the supply chain – from identifying flaws in manufacturing, through to optimizing warehouse operations to select your orders in the most efficient manner, to maximizing delivery capacity and dropping off your parcels to you in the quickest, most cost-effective route.

Our 3D City demonstrates real life examples of where AI and Quantum make a difference to your daily lives, even impacting your health and safety. From accelerating drug discovery processes, to detecting brain aneurysms faster, and protecting police with digital identification.

Artificial Intelligence

Go beyond with Fujitsu AI solutions

Fujitsu’s AI helps organisations to act, innovate and go beyond their current capabilities while also reducing costs. Now, more than ever, organisations are encountering unparalleled levels of complexity, whether that’s shock pandemics, sprawling globalised supply chains, rising customer expectations or ever-increasing digital demands. To succeed and grow in this challenging world, businesses must adapt at speed and find new ways of working to generate ongoing business value.

Our human-centric approach to AI is solutions first and technology second. Instead of finding problems to solve with specific technology, we start by identifying the real, human and business challenges your organisation faces.

Go beyond with Fujitsu AI solutions

Quantum-Inspired Optimisation Services

Always Optimal with Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Solutions

Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired Optimisation Services (QIOS), powered by the Digital Annealer platform, are helping organisations to address the extreme complexity of modern business and societal challenges.

Digital Annealer deploys quantum-inspired techniques to resolve large-scale complex combinatorial optimization problems in near to real-time. Combinatorial optimization enables organisations to find the best arrangement of options from many possible arrangements.

Always Optimal with Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Solutions

Fugaku RIKEN

Supercomputer Fugaku

Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, is being jointly developed and improved by RIKEN and Fujitsu with the goal of creating a versatile and easy-to-use supercomputer that achieves the worldʼs top level of performance with low power consumption for the purpose of resolving various issues faced by modern society and priority issues in science and technology fields, as well as utilization in a broad range of fields including Big Data and AI.

Supercomputer Fugaku

Case studies

Accelerating drug discovery with quantum-inspired computing

With a 12-15 year drug development cycle costing up to US$2bn, it’s essential the pharmaceutical industry applies disruptive innovation faster than ever before.

Our quantum-inspired drug discovery platform brings together pioneering technology to significantly improve the speed and quality of small molecule lead discovery - delivering novel molecules in 7 weeks.

Making space sustainable with quantum-inspired computing

There are currently approximately 160 million objects in orbit – mainly debris – which could collide with satellites vital to services we use every day.

To tackle this challenge, Fujitsu is working with Astroscale UK, University of Glasgow and AWS to successfully combine quantum-inspired computing and Artificial Intelligence to transform space debris removal.

Discover more about Quantum and Artificial Intelligence at Fujitsu

  • Quantum-inspired Space Debris Removal

    Quantum-inspired Space Debris Removal

    Delivering a solution for the cost-effective removal of space debris
  • What is Digital Annealer?

    What is Digital Annealer?

    The world's first quantum-inspired digital technology architecture
  • Digital Annealer Services

    Digital Annealer Services

    Solving combinatorial optimization problems across all industries
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