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Fujitsu Events

Events at Fujitsu

Our events explore the latest thinking in digital transformation - Contact us for more informationRead blog articles
Upcoming Events

Executive Discussion Evening: Technology in a transforming Britain

Calendar  27th February 2018
Google Map  22 Baker Street London

At the next Fujitsu Executive Discussion Evening we will bring together exciting guest speakers to lead a discussion about the role of technology in a transforming Britain. Between them they will help us explore what is required from government, education, citizens and business, and how we can learn lessons from the past to inform the future.

co-create to innovate in the digital age
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Fujitsu World Tour 2018

Calendar  12th July 2018
Google Map  Central London

Fujitsu World Tour is Fujitsu’s largest event, which takes place in over 25 countries worldwide. The latest UK event took place in London on the 6th of July with over 1,000 people joining us for an action-packed day. Our theme for the day was Human Centric Innovation - Digital Co-creation. Digital Co-creation is Fujitsu’s approach to innovation in a digital world, which brings together ecosystems of diverse organisations, all with complementary expertise, to co-create the solutions that will accelerate your digital transformation. We are looking forward to the 2018 event, which will be even bigger! Make a note in your diary for 12th July 2018 and look out for more information soon

Make a note in your diary for 12th July 2018 and look out for more information soon!

Take a look at the highlights from last year’s event.

Fujitsu Forum
Highlights from our latest event

Executive Discussion Evening - The digital dichotomy: personalisation vs privacy

At our latest EDE we explored the ever-heightening tension brought about by business’ ability to access and use our personal data.

We were joined by guest speakers Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist and Author, and Scott Seaborn, Global Mobile Strategy Director at Aimia.

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co-create to innovate in the digital age


Fujitsu Forum 2017

This year’s event in Munich explored the ways in which digital technology can transform organisations and create a better future for business and society. Through a mixture of inspirational keynotes expert talks, breakout sessions and a demonstration centre showcasing the latest in digital technologies, the event was Fujitsu’s largest in the European calendar. Re-live Fujitsu Forum here – then link through to the central Fujitsu Forum page.

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Fujitsu Forum

What's in it for you ?

Fujitsu’s corporate event programmes have been carefully designed to create opportunities for you to engage with your peers on the hottest topics affecting business and technology today. In the face of unrelenting change we are all coming to the realisation our organisations will look very different in a few years - different size, different shape, different ways of engaging with our customers and employees. But one thing seems clear - we all need to adapt and collaborate in order to survive.

Through industry subject matters and thought leaders, Fujitsu’s events explore how digital transformation is demanding business models to be changed and new thinking to be adopted if organisations are to survive. We explore in detail, how technology and co-creation are fundamental in exploiting the full possibilities of the digital era.

Across the programme, there are a wide range of events to suit everyone, across different locations. Take a look at the video to understand more about what you could experience at one of our events.


Key Event Programmes

Executive Discussion Evenings

This event brings together an influential community of senior decision-makers from across the UK's public and private sectors to discuss key boardroom-level issues.

Woment in Technology

We hear from women at different stages in their technology careers to discuss how they have shaped a role in the industry.From apprentices, to graduates to CEOs, we welcome all women in technology to join us for a chance to shine.

Fujitsu Forum

With over 12,000 visitors from 80 countries, Fujitsu Forum is the largest technology event in the European calendar.

Fujitsu World Tour

At Fujitsu World Tour, London, over 1000 people met to discuss the reality of digital transformation, and its implications for business and society.