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    • London, May 13, 2015
      Fujitsu Delivers Compelling Disaster Recovery Capabilities with PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN Integrated System
      Fujitsu today brings a compelling value proposition to market for enterprises tackling the headache of meeting ever-growing user demands for the availability of computing resources. PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is designed to deliver the maximum value and utilisation from data centre resources and in doing so, ensure continually optimised services, despite continuous and unplanned variations in user requirements.
    • London, May 12, 2015
      Fujitsu Delivers Greater In-Memory Computing Performance with New-generation PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY Systems
      With the needs of modern financial and telecommunications companies, and big data processing in mind, Fujitsu today introduces the new FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 series second generation line up of high-end servers that offer outstanding x86 performance and memory expandability. Mission-critical functionalities help ensure business continuity, with uptime levels equivalent to those of UNIX/mainframe systems – but with the cost advantages of an x86-based architecture.
    • London, April 20, 2015
      Fujitsu ranked in Business in the Community’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Index
      Fujitsu has been ranked in Business in the Community’s annual benchmark of responsible business, the Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index).
    • London, March 16, 2015
      Fujitsu helps SMEs cope with continual data growth without compromising on performance and speed
      Fujitsu today announces a new high-performing and fast storage subsystem to help businesses – especially SMEs and branch offices – optimise their ICT systems from end-to-end. Attaching directly to the server, the new FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS JX40 S2 is an ideal extension to any server. Fujitsu also announces the brand new FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2560 M1 and TX2560 M1 which identically deliver maximum performance, best expandability and highest availability in a choice of rack-mounted (RX) or tower (TX) form factor.

Case Studies

  • I Heart Studios Chooses Fujitsu RunMyProcess Integrated with
    I Heart Studios is a rapidly expanding digital content studio based in London, with a strong ambition of becoming the biggest photography studio in the UK. Since 2008, I Heart Studios has been working with top retailers to supply high-quality creative visual content.
  • University Campus Suffolk
    UCS is a new kind of higher education institution that allows students to access the knowledge and resources of its two validating universities, the University of East Anglia and the University of Essex, as well as local colleges and the wider community.
  • Department of the Environment Develops Workforce Models with Fujitsu
    The Planning & Local Government Group (P&LGG) contributes to and is responsible for implementing Northern Ireland Executive’s planning policies and operates within a statutory framework.
  • HM Revenue & Customs works with Fujitsu consultants
    HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is the UK’s tax authority and was formed in 2005 through a merger of the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.
  • Fujitsu Case Studies
    Fujitsu offers solutions for the most challenging IT problems. Take a look at what Fujitsu and our clients have accomplished together in our case studies.