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Fujitsu Cloud Solutions

Business cloud computing, solutions for the future

Cloud offers obvious agility, speed and cost efficiency advantages and has gone from being an emerging trend to becoming part of the standard IT services delivery model for many organizations today.

From Fujitsu’s perspective, we see cloud as having a key role in underpinning our vision of a Human-Centric Intelligent Society, one where social and business innovation is driven by the intelligent use of information and communication technology. We see cloud as the natural platform for delivering these new types of applications as illustrated in the Fujitsu Technology and Services Vision 2014.

Managing Hybrid IT

We believe the next big challenge is how to offer the organization the flexibility so departments can choose the cloud services they need - while having the necessary governance and controls in place to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with corporate standards.

As organizations grow their portfolios of cloud services new challenges arise around the aggregation, integration and management of a hybrid IT environment of cloud alongside existing, traditional IT services.

We also recognize that no single cloud service provider can meet all customer needs, so we offer both our own range of cloud services as well as the cloud integration services to make it easier for the business to adopt cloud in a cost-effective and well-governed way.

We believe the time is right for the CIO and their team to become “Cloud Enablers” pulling together multiple cloud services from different providers, making it simple for the business to adopt these and managing them through a “single pane of glass”.

For more about these challenges please read our latest research in the “White Book of Managing Hybrid IT” (1 MB).

FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform

The FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform not only helps the IT Department to solve these issues, but significantly reduces the cost of operating a hybrid IT estate. It provides an agile platform capable of supporting the drive for innovation, while addressing the challenges of operationally managing a fragmented – cloud and non-cloud – architecture.

The FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform provides our clients with the ability to manage multiple clouds and the Platform covers the key functions needed to ensure successful adoption of cloud services across an organization.

The strength of this platform is that it covers the 3 core areas needed for successful cloud adoption across an organization;

  • Cloud integration
  • Cloud aggregation
  • Cloud management

The FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform is a cloud service, available as a self-managed service or delivered by Fujitsu as a Managed Service.

Get our definitive "White Book" guides to:

Cloud Adoption
A business technology revolution

Download PDF
(2 MB/A4)

Cloud Security
Risk in the new ICT landscape

Download PDF
(2 MB/A4, 61 pages)

Big Data
Revolution in business analytics

Download PDF
(1 MB/A4, 66 pages)

Managing Hybrid IT
Maximizing the cloud, enabling innovation and redefining governance

Download PDF
(1 MB)

Download cloud whitepapers:

Cloud computing, a complex journey

Transitioning to the cloud is a complex journey. It is often marked by various commercial and technical challenges and risks. Therefore, it is essential to have a trusted, experienced partner at your side. You need a partner who can help you chart a roadmap that is as unique as the business outcomes you desire.

We at Fujitsu draw on one of the strongest cloud portfolios in the industry and the experience we have gained successfully supporting over 5000 cloud customers worldwide. Using our 30 years plus experience of delivering managed services we will support you get the most out of cloud for your organization.

For more information on Fujitsu's Cloud Services in your country please find your country homepage on the country selector.

White Book of Cloud Adoption 1 (2 MB/A4)

White Book of Cloud Security 2 (2 MB/A4, 61 pages)

White Book of Big Data (1 MB/A4, 66 pages)

Cloud Solutions in your company (437 KB/A4, 12 pages)

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