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Infrastructure Sharing

Network infrastructure
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Fujitsu is able to offer a number of services in order to deliver the benefits of unbundled duct and pole access to operators wishing to take advantage of new regulations. Sharing duct infrastructure can reduce network build costs by up to 80% for projects such as Fibre to the Premises (“FTTP”), Fibre to the Home (FTTH), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) and other Deep Fibre projects.

Why Does Duct and Pole Infrastructure Sharing Make Sense:

Sharing the incumbent operator’s infrastructure leads to 80-90% cost savings over normal network build costs. Specific benefits are:

  • Lower risk of failure than new construction
  • Re-use of unused network resources – a ‘green’ solution, much lower environmental impact than new build (smaller footprint, no need for powering passive access networks)
  • Support from authorities to promote a build solution with a far lower impact than new build
  • Promotes service provider differentiation – Local Loop Unbundling (“LLU”) without the local exchange costs (reduced/eliminated CapEx and OpEx)
  • Overcoming local planning issues to facilitate network expansion and development
    • “Limited on Construction”
    • “Section 58” restricted developments
    • Private roadways
    • Conservation areas

Fujitsu has recently completed a trial of the Openreach UK infrastructure sharing product (“PIA” or “Passive Infrastructure Access”) on BT’s access network, demonstrating high-bandwidth service delivery supporting a number of different access methodologies – FTTC, FTTP, FTTdp, GPON, NGPON, RFoG, and all associated services for both business and residential customers. We are now able to offer these new and unique capabilities to others, including a number of innovative space-saving solutions from industry-leading manufacturers.

Fujitsu has a team of skilled staff who are qualified and experienced with working with incumbent operators on all areas of access network deployment: planning, surveying, build, maintenance, operations, project management and third-party management.

In addition, Fujitsu can work with incumbent operators to ensure an optimised process is developed and implemented for duct and pole sharing.

As well as offering a set of services which will scale with the quantity of infrastructure to be shared, Fujitsu can act as a consultant planner/surveyor, being able to work with incumbent telcos to determine the best available route on third party ducts, and if none is available coordinate a build deployment of a new duct network integrated to the incumbent's network. We can take a proactive approach to managing the limited information available and, combining this with our knowledge and experience, complete implementation of the network by considering all alternatives and minimising expenditure.

Our access network implementation services are second to none, and we can combine the above experience of working with the incumbent operator with our industry-leading civils and cabling project teams to offer a full end-to-end solution for network design build and operate.

Build Project Features Include:

  • Design, plan, deliver and maintain
  • POP build to residential installation including backhaul
  • Fujitsu 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre – fully secure and resilient
  • Installation field force – experts at both business and residential installations both network and customer equipment.

Once the network implementation is complete, Fujitsu is able to support the fibre infrastructure and the associated plant, via support agreements with the incumbent operator.

Fujitsu is also happy to offer these services to operators outside the UK, and support incumbent telcos looking to develop or optimise their shared infrastructure processes across Western Europe.

Further Information

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