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Fujitsu Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure
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Seamless, cost-effective Infrastructure solutions

Fujitsu network infrastructure services combine unrivaled industry expertise and a broad portfolio of end-to-end solutions to help you cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase performance across WAN, LAN and WLAN (wireless LAN) networks.

Whether you need a new estate management system, or are looking for a true next-generation network, our turnkey design and installation services provide seamless, cost-effective migrations. But it’s not just transformations within the data center we oversee. Fujitsu’s extensive telecommunications experience means we can also orchestrate physical network infrastructure design and construction—so whether it’s managed network services you require, or an entire infrastructure built from scratch, we have a solution.

Explore our full range of Infrastructure Services below.

Network Infrastructure - Services

Turnkey Solutions

Fujitsu’s telecommunications team works across all parts of the telecoms lifecycle and offers specialist turnkey services to address this challenge, dramatically reducing the cost of any major project.

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Turnkey FTTx

Fujitsu is a leading designer, integrator and operator of large scale campus and enterprise networks utilising fibre-optic technology.

We have embraced passive optical networking as an emerging core feature of low-cost, future-proof networking and are able to offer a host of services covering the whole lifecycle of a greenfield or brownfield project.

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Repair Service

The Fujitsu Repair Service is now one of the UK’s largest repair service providers; serving the telecoms, retail and public sectors with a wide portfolio of services and solutions.

More than 7000 items leave our facility every month – shipping out to customers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Japan and USA.

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Professional Services

Fujitsu has developed a telecommunications Centre of Excellence, at our Solihull based offices.

Our team of highly specialised consultants, chosen for their extensive knowledge, professional skills and subject matter expertise, provide a range of services to help improve business competitiveness.
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Infrastructure Sharing

Fujitsu is able to offer a number of services in order to deliver the benefits of unbundled duct and pole access to operators wishing to take advantage of new regulations.

Sharing duct infrastructure can reduce network build costs by up to 80% for projects such as Fibre to the Premises (“FTTP”), Fibre to the Home (FTTH), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) and other Deep Fibre projects.

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Network Infrastructure - Products

Wireless E-band Links

Traditional microwave frequency bands are becoming highly congested, and as this is overwhelmingly in support of mobile backhaul applications, it will become increasingly difficult to find available microwave spectrum.

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Synchronous Ethernet Access Aggregation

The FDX2460 is a product designed for use in multiple applications within customer networks to provide support for Next Generation Access, Mobile Backhaul and Point-to-Point fibre networks.

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GPON: Gigabit Passive Optical Network for FTTx

Fujitsu is the premier Calix reseller in the UK and Ireland, Fujitsu’s GPON and active Ethernet FTTx solutions are based on the Calix E-Series platform.

The E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) introduces new levels of flexibility and scalability for Ethernet service delivery.

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Wireless Transport Networks

Fujitsu's microwave radio systems have been deployed all over the globe. Matching performance with excellent reliability, two types of system are available to meet the backhaul traffic requirements for today and in the future.

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Packet Optical Networking Platform

Fujitsu's FLASHWAVE® 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP), delivers high-bandwidth packet-based services for today's multi-protocol packet environment.

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