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Data Centre Assessment:

Data Centre Assessment

red-cablesFujitsu’s data centre consultants provide customers with expert advice on how to address their data centre challenges.

Whether their goal is to find a solution for operational problems, to propose ways to reduce costs, or to provide advice on Cloud service deployments, Fujitsu has the right expert to find the way forward.

Fujitsu’s data centre consultants work with customers to understand their objectives and conduct an expert analysis of the current situation. They use their personal knowledge and consult with other Fujitsu experts around the world to create a roadmap to achieve the desired outcomes. The improvement plan lays out the required activities, associated project costs and expected ROI for the customer’s business justification.

Example areas covered by Fujitsu improvement plans:
  • Capacity plan - efficient growth & contraction 
  • Cost elimination - IT infrastructure / system management / data centre facilities 
  • Cloud selection, deployment & management • SLA improvement 
  • System management – automation & off-shoring 
  • Mergers & separations 
  • Rationalisation, consolidation, relocation, decommissioning 
  • Energy efficiency improvement 
  • Data protection, de-duplication, archiving 
  • Business continuity / disaster planning 
  • Power & cooling systems 
  • Process improvement

Data Centre Assessment – how our customers benefit:

  • Know what data centre and systems improvements can practically be delivered 
  • Gain an independent assessment of the costs and benefits to build a business case 
  • Creates a data centre roadmap plan to achieve business goals

Following a Data Centre Assessment, customers often choose Fujitsu’s experts to implement their plans and make them come to life, see Data Centre Optimisation and how we deliver the desired improvements.