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Fujitsu's research reports provide a valuable insight into the attitudes of business towards IT services; and provide advice which can enable you to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business through the application of IT consultancy services and software solutions. Click on the links below to view the reports; or contact us for more information about the services we can provide.


The Growing Need

Fujitsu Applications Services can bring great value to businesses. Applications can increase your productivity and cut your operational costs.

Fujitsu Business Certainty Index:

Fujitsu interviewed 100 enterprises to assess attitudes towards IT innovation and IT services. Read the results here.

A look behind the scenes:

Through a series of interviews with Fujitsu's executive leaders in Japan, London Business School's "Business Strategy Review" took a close look inside Fujitsu, exploring its way of leading change and the art of Fujitsu management. The result is an interesting depiction of the process through which Fujitsu is continually changing itself for the future and striving for global growth by building on its Japanese heritage.

Online Government Services and the Offline Older Generation

Fujitsu research looks at local authority provision of online services to those older persons who do not have access to the internet.