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Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Tower systems

Award-winning investment protection

Perfect for SMEs and branch offices, Fujitsu server PRIMERGY TX tower increase operational efficiency by providing rock solid reliability, record-breaking performance and outstanding energy efficiency. Thanks to the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite they are also easy to manage, reducing IT admin workload and costs. Plus, tower to rack conversion kits are available for most TX systems to ensure investment protection.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX100 S3p PRIMERGY Tower Server TX100 S3 side left

The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX100 S3p is ideal for SMEs, looking for a first server with Intel® Xeon® support. It also offers high availability (dual onboard gigabit LAN), a choice of two highly energy efficient power supply units and high data safety (optional RAID 5/6 with battery backup).

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX120 S3p PRIMERGY TX120 S3 Tower side right

Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX120 S3p: For small environments with high demands. It is the perfect server for environments where space, high server functionality and low TCO are crucial. The unique combination of ultra-compact form factor, Intel® Xeon® processor performance, low TCO and high availability features, make the PRIMERGY TX120 S3p ideal for demanding environments where space is scarce.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX140 S2 PRIMERGY TX140 S2 right side view 3D

The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX140 S2 is the ideal, robust and cost-efficient server for SMBs or branch offices. It not only scores with the best Intel® Xeon® E3 performance and solid expandability thanks to hot-plug hard disks, but also with its optionally redundant power supply and full server management support. The PRIMERGY TX140 S2: an excellent long-term investment.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX150 S8 PRIMERGY TX150 S8 right side

The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX150 S8: the right system for SMEs, branch offices or virtualized environments where the main focus is on expandability and availability. With processors of the Intel® Xeon® E5-1400 and E5-2400 family, the TX150 S8 delivers excellent energy-efficient performance. PRIMERGY TX150 S8: the one processor tower server – maximized!

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX2540 M1 PRIMERGY TX2540 M1 right side

The FUJITSU PRIMERGY TX2540 M1 is the perfect Tower Server for SMEs as well as branch offices. It supports up to two processors and combines affordable performance with balanced expandability. Its optional redundancy, up to 24 hard disks, and 192 GB of RAM is ideal as a starting-point for server virtualization or as a database and communication server.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX200 S7 PRIMERGY TX200 S7 right side

The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX200 S7 is a perfect server for SMEs, branch offices or virtualized infrastructures. The tower server offers dual processor performance combined with expandability and energy efficiency. Its feature set makes the TX200 S7 a great virtualization, database or communication server. The PRIMERGY TX200 S7 strikes the right balance between price and performance.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX300 S8 PRIMERGY TX300 S8 right side

The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX300 S8 offers maximum performance, best extendability and highest availability without any compromises. Branches, data centers and SMEs value the performance of the two Intel® Xeon® E5 v2 processors, 1536 GB RAM and GPU card support. 10 extension slots and the redundant power supply enable top availability levels and excellent extendability options. The server is thus ideal for computing-intensive applications, virtualization solutions and databases.