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Fujitsu intelligent mobility solutions for traffic, freight and infrastructure

Fujitsu has been a transportation IT service provider for the last 40 years, and during this time we have seen a significant increase in the number of vehicles travelling on British roads. According to Government statistics, the UK road network is now around 245,000 miles long, and is used to transport around 627 million tonnes of freight and 31.7 million cars. Continual growth in vehicle numbers and road network size has meant an increase in complexity for both access, operations and service administration.

Roads are vital to the British economy, with two thirds of freight, totalling £11billion, being transported by road. There are many challenges which transport operators need to overcome, in order to remain competitive and keep their staff safe.

As a trusted partner to the road and highway sector, we have a proven track record providing innovative and reliable IT solutions, that deliver greater efficiency. As an organisation at the forefront of digital citizen engagement, we use our IT technology to enable transport agencies to meet the challenges they face in maintaining access and administration for road users across the UK.

Fujitsu smart mobility transportation solutions

We have been leading the way in enabling Intelligent Mobility for many years. In 2005 we began a project to provide insight into enabling the optimisation of Tokyo traffic flow. The experience and knowledge we gained from developing a solution for one of the world’s most densely populated urban areas, led us to innovate and develop SPATIOWL - our smart mobility solution.

SPATIOWL - is our cutting edge traffic and transport management system. It’s able to process vast amounts of real time data to support real time decision making. SPATIOWL integrates and manages transport related data, using Cloud computing and Big Data analytics. Its computing platform incorporates data layer management, functional applications, standardised REST (Representational State Transfer), Architecture API and OSM (Open Street Map).

Fujitsu Smart Parking - using image analysis technology, we provide a one-stop solution that delivers sensing, data collection, analysis and monitoring services. Our Smart Parking software includes features for managing parking facilities, and has a graphical user interface to provide real-time information to carpark managers and drivers. It has several features such as accident detection, human traffic detection and traffic counter. Benefits include: reduced management costs and enhanced management quality.

Construction Infrastructure Field Worker Safety Solutions

Fujitsu’s range of field worker solutions gives the worker the complete set of tools required to complete their job on site, first time, safe in the knowledge that their wellbeing and whereabouts is observed remotely by head office so that any safety related incidents can be dealt with at a moment’s notice.

UBIQUITOUSWARE - delivers solutions to monitor driver and lone worker vitals, to ensure maximum safety on and around roads and highways. The UBIQUITOUSWARE Sensor Algorithm, precisely detects the behaviour and status of people and things. Find out more »

Hyperconnected van - delivers solutions for infrastructure project field workers, to ensure that they are always connected. Our technology turns engineering vehicles into a mobile digital hub with Secure Unified Communications, WiFi and multiple business applications. Using RFID-tagged tools, van parts and stock can be linked to back-end inventory and logistics to improve efficiency. Find out more »

Fujitsu IT infrastructure for roads and highways

Control centres We provide robust, high performance IT infrastructures for transportation control centres. Our flexible offerings deliver solutions to manage both the rising demand and the increased level of reliability that’s required by today’s road and highway IT systems.

Cloud platform and data centres We have more than 50 years of experience delivering data centre services. We were the first service provider in Europe to receive an Uptime Institute Gold Operational sustainability award, and are a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Outsourcing. Our data centres are highly secure with public cloud availability measured at 99.99986%, and Uptime Institute Tier III certification.

Virtualised computing resources Our IaaS offering delivers IT infrastructures with high levels of customisation and control. It forms a main component of our next generation Cloud platform - Cloud Service K5 , which is the most flexible, compatible and agile cloud platform on the market. Our consolidation and virtualisation services allow organisations to access the information they need at any time and in any location. Cloud Service K5 provides an easy route to digital transformation that delivers;

  • 10% cost reduction for compute capacity (compared to the market leader)
  • improved performance in storage whilst enabling shared services
  • no vendor lock-in and no minimum level of consumption
  • compliance with Government data location and security classification standards

Automotive and driver IT solutions

Fujitsu is helping vehicles to become more than just a means of transportation.

Driver Drowsiness Detector - Part of the UBIQUITOUSWARE range, the Driver Drowsiness Detector is an IoT device for commercial vehicle drivers. It utilises a pulse sensor that’s clipped to the driver’s earlobe to gauge drowsiness. If it detects the wearer is falling asleep, it can trigger a vibration or initiate an audio warning. Data is transmitted to transport operators, who can then radio the driver and check on their condition. Data collected can be analysed to detect potentially dangerous routes or the drivers who seem most at risk. Find out more about this solution.

Innovative car sensors - help to improve vehicle safety and security measures around the globe.

Vehicle control systems - help to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Vehicle navigation systems - allow the enjoyment of multimedia content through two-way information transmission and seamless integration.

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