Fujitsu Insurance Transformation

For over 4 decades, Fujitsu has been a trusted IT services and solutions provider to the financial sector. We have experience of working with insurance services providers around the globe, and have helped half of the Fortune 500 to;

  • reduce fraudulent activity
  • cut operating costs to drive profitable growth
  • secure customer data
  • address risk and compliance
  • enhance the customer experience

Within the insurance sector, there are various challenges providers face. Fraud is growing at an alarming rate, with fraudulent claims costing insurers £billions every year. In addition, the introduction of insurance aggregators to the market, has increased competition and price pressure. This means that despite risks and insurance pay outs remaining constant, insurers are being forced to cut premiums which is making driving profitable growth a challenge. For the majority of customers, price remains a major consideration when choosing an insurer, with 74% of UK consumers advising that they base their choice on price, and just 24% advising their choice is based on the quality of the customer experience

While price is a major factor, today customers want it all - low premiums and high service levels, and the challenge for insurers is to deliver both. At Fujitsu, we offer:

  • sustainable customer-centric innovation that can help you to rise to the challenge of reducing prices to acquire new customers, while improving the customer experience to aid retention
  • smart/connected technology that can help you in your fight against fraud and enable you to get closer to your customers

Protecting your organisation and enabling future-ready financial services is a balancing act: Hybrid IT is the answer

New technologies in banking, investing and other areas have dramatically changed the financial services sector in recent years. From online trading to mobile banking to digital currencies such as bitcoin and new models such as open banking, the business of money today is faster, bigger and more complex than ever before, with innovative new players and offerings ushering in one wave of digital disruption after another.

Explore our latest thinking around how Hybrid IT is the answer to helping traditional financial services organisations thrive in the digital age.

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