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MetaArc Digital Business Platform

Take the easy path to digitalisation with Fujitsu MetaArc

MetaArc from Fujitsu, is a cloud-based digital business platform developed by us to simplify end-to-end digital transformation. With our MetaArc offering, we enable your organisation to digitalise with confidence and benefit from the opportunities that digital disruption brings.

Digitalisation is crucial to business success, as shown in our Walking the Digital Tightrope research report 2016. Over the course of our research we questioned many organisations, and what became clear was that the majority (up to 75%) see digital transformation as one of the most important means to; increase workforce productivity, improve business responsiveness, attract new staff, retain talent, and drive stronger customer loyalty.

At Fujitsu we’re experts in digital transformation, with wide-ranging experience helping organisations from across all sectors seamlessly migrate to the Cloud. Through MetaArc we deliver the tools, services, technologies and partnerships that are necessary for establishing a strategic cloud foundation.

With MetaArc, you can modernise your legacy systems and optimise your investment in new digital solutions. Whether yours is a private sector organisation with a focus on growth and competitive advantage, or a public-sector organisation that’s driven by a cost-cutting and digital first strategy, MetaArc enables fast-paced digital transformation.

The complexities of digitalisation

For digitalisation to become a reality it’s necessary to embrace two-speed IT:

  • Robust IT – modernisation of existing business systems to increase agility and reduce costs.
  • Fast IT – new digital solutions to address the need for change.
  • Integration – Robust and Fast IT initiatives are combined to unlock the value of existing IT investment.
The Hybrid Cloud landscape created through integration, blends together cloud-based services with traditional on-premises IT, to deliver a range of benefits such as increased agility, efficiency, and reduced costs. However, this complex landscape must be effectively and efficiently managed to overcome challenges, such as:

  • Operational complexity – as data is distributed across multiple suppliers and locations there needs to be greater control over systems access.
  • Security risks – cloud-based data increases vulnerability to cyber-threat.

With MetaArc Fujitsu overcomes the challenges of digitalisation

Digital transformation is about far more than just adopting cloud-based services. To implement the most effective solution, your organisation must first consider and develop an effective cloud strategy. Through MetaArc and our Hybrid IT Service Orchestration offering, you can develop, integrate and manage a Hybrid Cloud environment to control costs and gain enterprise-wide visibility of; systems, security, and services used. With our comprehensive portfolio, which includes IT infrastructure, managed services, and cutting-edge technology, we make your digital business transformation a reality. We deliver:

  • MetaArc Cloud Solutions – based on the most open, agile and compatible cloud platform available today.
  • MetaArc Digital Solutions – digital initiatives that unlock value from existing IT investment.
  • MetaArc Services – simplify the implementation and integration of cloud solutions with existing on-premises IT.
Businesses can find the right balance of fast IT and robust IT with MetaArc. It comprises a comprehensive set of solutions, services, cutting edge technologies and the partnerships needed to support digitisation and modernisation projects on a global basis.
Multi Coud Integration, Managed Services

The benefits offered by MetaArc

MetaArc enables the seamless integration of Fast and Robust IT, optimisation of existing systems and rapid delivery of new services. You are enabled to reduce the risk and complexity of managing cloud-based services alongside traditional IT. With MetaArc you have all the tools you need to integrate, orchestrate and manage your Hybrid IT estate, with fewer governance concerns over security, cost management, and visibility. With MetaArc, you can digitally transform your business to:
  • drive operational efficiency
  • maximise return on existing IT investment
  • rapidly deliver new digital initiatives
  • reduce complexity and improve management

Contact us to find out more about how Fujitsu MetaArc enables digital business transformation.

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