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Hybrid IT Transformation – Blueprint & Implement

Transform to Hybrid IT
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Your roadmap from traditional data centre IT to agile and efficient Hybrid IT

CIOs and their departments are increasingly faced with the issue of striking a balance between the many conflicting demands being placed on the IT infrastructure. Existing enterprise IT solutions have evolved with the business over many decades and are fundamental to the way that the business operates. However, many of these legacy solutions have since turned from being a key enabler, to a key business issue.

A Hybrid IT infrastructure is the best way of future-proofing the business against the continually accelerating rate of change.

Transformation to Hybrid IT doesn’t need to be a daunting, risky and or an uncertain process. Fujitsu Hybrid IT Transformation services enable organisations to plan, deliver and manage modern, efficient IT environments that deliver business value traditional data centres cannot match. Our return on investment focused transformation methodology is divided into two phases:

1. Blueprint, helps clients identify the most appropriate mix of cloud and traditional hosting environments for their specific needs and develops a solid business case for change. Fujitsu experts rapidly analyse your data centre based systems, looking at them from multiple points of view, and then create a transformation plan and return on investment projection that clearly articulates the business value to justify implementation.

2. Implement, an optional follow-on service, can then deliver the transformation changes in as risk-free and non-disruptive way as possible to ensure that all the key actions are taken to realise the required business value outcomes.

We recognise that the best mix of traditional data centre environments and public/private cloud requirements will always be different for each client. That’s why our Hybrid IT Transformation services provide flexibility and impartiality. Fujitsu has one of the most mature transformation methodologies in the industry and this has been specifically designed to minimise the risk of complex enterprise transformations. The method harness our deep experience across hosting, cloud provisioning, server and storage, security, networking and applications. Experts from all these subjects are integrated together to bring you a multi-disciplined approach that ensures the blueprint and your future Hybrid IT environment is aligned to what is achievable and to your business needs.

By removing the risk and complexity of this transformation, we help clients create and run cost-efficient, flexible Hybrid IT environments.

Find out how you can transform your IT into an agile and efficient Hybrid IT environment - contact us.




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