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Fujitsu Digital Workplace Transformation

Collaboration in the Workplace

The value of collaboration within the digital workplace

Fujitsu is a world-leading expert in digital transformation. To ensure that we continue to develop new technologies, services, and solutions capable of enabling organisations to meet changing workforce needs, we invest over $3bn in research and development every year.

In our latest Digital Workplace research report, Adding value through the culture of collaboration (1.88 MB ), we questioned top UK IT managers and executives from across all sectors. Our aim was to assess the value of collaboration in effecting real change in the workplace, increasing workplace productivity, supporting strategic business goals and improving workers lives.

Download the research report to discover how collaboration is key to an effective Digital Workplace

Report findings:

  • Collaboration is a major priority for UK businesses.
  • Through digitalisation, employees are enabled to work anywhere and at any time, and IT departments must provide the collaboration tools necessary to meet changing workplace needs.
  • Within organisations, IT departments must move away from being just a resource, to being an enabler to support business requirements.
  • Collaboration links isolated workplace silos to increase communication, improve employee engagement, and remove wasteful duplication.

Report Summary:

Together globalisation and digitalisation are changing the world, and organisations must adopt a business culture defined by; collaboration, agility, flexibility, and a willingness to adapt to change, if they are to continue to survive and prosper.

Digitalisation has led to a major change in the world of employment, with a shift towards a workplace anywhere. To keep pace with this change, organisations must respond with improved workplace mobility, increased flexibility, effective communications and improved collaboration if they are to attract and retain the best talent.

With digital transformation enabling new ways of working, IT departments must adapt their role to ensure close collaboration across all departments. By enabling employees to see and share the same information, IT departments can on a business level - ensure consistency across business units and enable clearer customer messaging, and on a human level - enable a better work-life balance.

To find out more about workplace anywhere and collaboration contact Fujitsu.