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Application Value Assessment

£20k - a small price for insights into how to optimise your key business applications.

The CIO UK report on the growing need for Application Portfolio Assessment identified:

  • More than half of CIOs have no clear view of what is in their applications portfolio
  • 60% are unaware of the costs
  • 20-25% of the applications budget is spent on legacy applications, and up to 70% on maintenance and support

Fujitsu’s Application Value Assessment (AVA) is a unique 4-week service based on a detailed assessment of key business applications in your portfolio. Our experts will provide an insight into where you can obtain more value from business applications, free up resources for strategic initiatives, and achieve typical cost savings of 30% in managing legacy applications. The report enables rapid results by providing insights into where:

  • Support and maintenance costs are high and should be reduced
  • Application business alignment can be improved
  • Application investments can be optimised
  • Applications skills pool can be better balanced and utilised
  • Applications need health improvements
  • Quick wins can be achieved

This provides a foundation of information upon which business cases for the following can be based:

  • Application decommissioning
  • Application consolidation
  • Application modernisation
  • Application transformation
  • Application management optimisation

Not only will this provide insights into potential cost savings and resource optimisation but it will also make your business more efficient and agile.

Insight into your application portfolio and the identification of possible improvements through AVA is the first step to realising these benefits. For more information, contact Ask Fujitsu on +44 (0) 870 242 7998 or email


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