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Online Government Services and the Offline Older Generation

Research report on accessibility and ‘digital by default’

Fujitsu’s new research report proposes 5 ways for the government to manage the drive towards increased online public services but warns against the risk of alienating people in later life – most of whom are not connected, can’t go digital today but do rely on support and are key users of government services.

How can government go ‘digital by default’ if 73% older people still prefer to visit or phone their local council for services?

How can the private sector help the government achieve its objectives in a way that makes sense when 74% of older people surveyed do not have internet access, and 77% say they don’t need the internet?

Is there a way for government departments to share data, boost digital processes and embrace new technologies while also maintaining efficient multi-channel services?

Read more on how local authority councillors and officers perceive any issue of a digital divide between older and younger citizens and their opinions regarding access to council internet services.

This exclusive primary research draws on data and responses from over 440 local councillors, more than 200 local government officers and from 1,000 people aged 60 or over.

Download the Executive Summary (734 KB/A4, 14 pages) and register for your hard copy of the full report (UK Residents only)



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