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FUJITSU Accessories Magnetic Keyboard STYLISTIC R726

The Magnetic Keyboard for the STYLISTIC R726 empowers you to easily switch between tablet and notebook mode. Its magnetic connection makes it easy to attach or detach it from the tablet so you can transform the device the way you want and need it for your individual workstyle.

Technical details

Weight0.345 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)319 x 201.3 mm x 15 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H)319 x 201.3 mm x 15 mm
Order codeS26391-F2114-L209S26391-F2114-L221S26391-F2114-L222S26391-F2114-L223S26391-F2114-L225S26391-F2114-L226S26391-F2114-L227S26391-F2114-L228S26391-F2114-L230S26391-F2114-L231S26391-F2114-L232S26391-F2114-L234S26391-F2114-L236S26391-F2114-L242S26391-F2114-L245S26391-F2114-L246S26391-F2114-L250S26391-F2114-L251S26391-F2114-L252S26391-F2114-L255S26391-F2114-L257S26391-F2114-L261S26391-F2114-L266S26391-F2114-L270


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