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Fujitsu Software Ships Interstage® Application Server Version 7

Fujitsu Software Corporation today announced the availability of Interstage Application Server Version 7 (v7), part of the award-winning Interstage® Suite of application infrastructure software products.

February 23, 2005

New Features of Interstage Application Server v7 Help to Substantially Reduce the Cost of Operation
Fujitsu Software Corporation today announced the availability of Interstage Application Server Version 7 (v7), part of the award-winning Interstage® Suite of application infrastructure software products. Interstage Application Server v7 delivers significant gains in customers' return on investment by building on the software's unmatched stability and performance with new multi-server management and provisioning capabilities, as well as enhancements to scalability, reliability and security. Additional benefits, including a reduction in the cost of operations, can be achieved when Interstage Application Server v7 is implemented as part of the Fujitsu TRIOLE IT infrastructure. Interstage Application Server provides the middleware platform for the TRIOLEstrategy - Fujitsu's approach to optimising IT infrastructure.

Fujitsu Software's Interstage Application Server is the leading application server in Japan with more than 33 percent market share. Today it is being used by organisations worldwide, including 25 percent of the world's 50 largest corporations, to run their global, mission-critical applications and Web Services. Interstage Application Server v7 addresses the demands for these enterprises' corporate IT systems to maximise the use of resources, respond promptly and flexibly to constantly changing business needs, and provide uninterrupted service throughnew and enhanced capabilities:

  • New multi-server management provides unified operations and administration across entire server farms - all from a single console. It also features autonomous set-up, which enables business applications to operate on newly allocated serverswithout interrupting jobs running on either new servers or existing job servers.
  • New provisioning support in Interstage Application Server v7 deploys and configures the necessary software resources for adding a server to a live systemwhen used as part of the TRIOLE infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Interstage management console allows IT staff to manage, monitor andcontrol the entire server farm from a single browser based console
  • Next-generation development framework provides a Model View Controller basedarchitecture for building web, EJB and Web Services applications.
  • Enhanced load balancing ensures optimal application performance and availability,even during peak usage of high-volume Web applications.
  • Support for J2SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition) 1.3.1 and J2SE 1.4.2 facilitates the ability to implement business changes in J2EE applications.
  • Out-of-the-box support for multiple mobile protocols, including i-Mode, WAP, J-Sky, EZWeb, PocketPC and i-Application eliminates the need to purchase, install andmanage additional software.

"Global expansion of the Internet economy is driving demands for companies to enhance their user experience while gaining greater operational flexibility and cost-efficiency to adapt to competitive pressures worldwide," said Robert Sepanloo, senior vice president of Fujitsu Software Corporation. "With Fujitsu Software's Interstage Application Server v7, enterprises have the enhanced security, availability and responsiveness to compete on a superior ebusiness experience, along with unmatched scalability and management control to expandand optimise operations cost effectively."

Interstage Application Server v7 Delivers a Range of Customer Benefits
Fujitsu Software's Interstage Application Server is the foundation of secure, reliable and effective Internet and Intranet applications. It provides fully compliant J2EE applicationhosting capabilities, as well as all the necessary low-level services, fail-over protection, clustering, and other J2EE features for building turnkey applications and packaged solutions. Today, Interstage Application Server v7 can support the complex infrastructure needs of the largest e-business infrastructures. Fujitsu Software's Interstage Application Server v7 offersseveral key benefits.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
New multi-server management reduces the cost of system management and operation by allowing a cluster of servers to be managed as a single entity; a single management server can easily support 100 production servers. The servers in each tier can be grouped together allowing, for example, the Web and EJB servers to be managed either independently or for each tier as a single entity, enabling operational efficiency. The management console also makes it possible to deploy and manage applications across the entire server farm, minimising the demands on IT staff. Interstage customers can gain further cost benefits by integrating Interstage Application Server v7 with Fujitsu Systemwalker system management software, which leverages gridcomputing technology to autonomously optimise the allocation of IT resources according to load fluctuations. Interstage Application Server and Systemwalker are core components of Fujitsu's TRIOLE IT infrastructure. Used together, they enable efficient IT system operation and the autonomous operation of business applications, including services, resulting in thereduction of operation costs.

Cross Platform Support
Interstage Application Server v7 has made it easier to deploy Java components and applications that were written for other application servers. This eliminates the risk of using 3rd party J2EE applications in Interstage Application Server v7, as well as protecting yourinvestment in legacy Java applications written for other application servers.

Greater IT Productivity and Improved Quality
Interstage Application Server v7 accelerates system construction through common development style, standardised program structures and frequent component reuse. Additionally the Development Framework helps to reduce development workload andimplementation, delivering both greater IT productivity and improved application quality.

Greater Operational Stability
Autonomous control improves system stability by automating fault tolerance; errors are detected earlier and the application recovers automatically. This autonomic approach provides maximum application availability even during the occurrence of localising errors,allowing client requests to continuing to flow even as the application is recovering.

Secure System Development
Interstage Application Server v7 enables secure system development through multiple authentication information about information services, which can be stored by the user as partof interchangeable logon information.

Rapid Business Changes
Support for integration with applications based on J2EE, CORBA, and Web services enablesbusiness changes to be implemented more flexibly and quickly.

About Fujitsu

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About Fujitsu Software Corporation

Fujitsu Software Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, is part of the Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) family. The wholly owned subsidiary delivers one of the world’s broadest lines of application infrastructure software products, including the Interstage® Suite and NetCOBOL®. Fujitsu Software Corporation leverages Fujitsu’s international scope and expertise in developing and providing information technology solutions, including more than 4,000 software developers worldwide.

Date: 23 February, 2005