Driving a trusted future in a radically changing world

The world is on the verge of chaos. We’re being rocked by new technologies, mushrooming data and the forces of globalisation. The political landscape, our businesses and the way we live our lives are all being disrupted.

Leaders in both the private and public sectors find themselves pulled in many different directions, as they grapple with the forces of disruption, competition and regulation, whilst simultaneously maintaining focus on ever-increasing customer demand. Add to this the difficulties of recruiting and retaining skilled people, innovating at pace and doing so socially responsibly, and you have the makings of a serious headache. Digital transformation, which has gained momentum in the last five years, is now a genuine business imperative, with all industries acutely aware that they need to tackle the more challenging aspects of digital, to allow them to move forward at pace.

There is a growing tension between the advances being made in business thanks to technology, and the people it is designed to serve. On one hand consumers have been keen to benefit from technology in their lives, but on the other, they are concerned about how technology (and in particular, personal data) is used, with a clear expectation that business leaders will implement technology with trust and responsibility in mind.

Trust is more critical than ever before, but clearly it is under pressure – and takes far longer to gain than it does to lose.We asked over 800 business leaders and 3,000 consumers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland how they feel about the pace and nature of change and their expectations for the future. Download our report to get a greater understanding of the public’s experiences and expectations and how you can accelerate your organisations’ progress while maintaining the precious commodity that is trust.

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58% say they have been held back from technology adoption because of public nervousness

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73% of business leaders believe technology will be vital to their future success

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Only 19% of the public felt prepared for the level of change they are facing today

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39% trust organisations less than they did five years ago

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54% believe the use of personal data should be regulated by the government

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48% have no idea what their industry will look like in five years’ time