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Infrastructure Matters

Infrastructure Matters
Infrastructure Matters
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You wouldn’t construct a building without solid foundations.

It’s the same when you construct your ICT. Your infrastructure matters because, in our digital age, it forms the basis of your entire business.

Your servers and storage are fundamental to business and ICT processes, including Disaster Recovery; Cloud Security; Data Protection; Server Virtualisation; and Data Analytics. Without solid ICT foundations, how can you hope to give your enterprise the consistency and flexibility it needs to stay competitive?

You wouldn’t plan to start a job only to leave it unfinished.

So why build your ICT infrastructure on a patchwork of different storage and server technologies? In some cases, ICT infrastructure emerges over time – piece-by-piece. In others, vendors simply cannot give you everything you now need. Either way, wouldn’t it be better if your storage and servers actually fitted together to give you a rock solid base that is much easier to maintain?

You wouldn’t tear down walls because you didn’t like the colour.

Needs change and enterprises must be agile to adapt to the competitive landscape. But the ICT industry is awash with fads and fashions so it pays to recognise which ones are worth following. Wouldn’t it be better to implement scalable, customisable ICT infrastructure instead of ripping and replacing your storage and servers every time requirements changed?

Easy to manage, easy to scale, flexible and rock solid.

Despite organisations sharing many of the same external challenges, Fujitsu understands that there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to your ICT.

That is why our new approach to storage and servers offers you more flexibility to tailor data centre technologies to your specific requirements. Instead of the restrictions of an ad hoc, incompatible and multi-vendor storage and server environment, we give you the benefits of robust, future-proofed technologies from a single source. What is more, you benefit from Fujitsu’s unique, consultative approach to ensure you get exactly what your organisation demands.

Unlike other providers, with your Fujitsu storage and servers you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your technology has been built by us in our own manufacturing facilities. All of our products are designed and developed in Japan and constructed to exacting specifications by our technicians in Germany. With Fujitsu you can expect…

  • A single platform management layer.
  • A single point of contact for your storage and server support.
  • A single product family for complete scalability.
  • Access to the largest number of storage and server engineers in the UK.
  • Access to some of the most powerful and performant ICT in the industry.
  • Complete transparency when it comes to selecting your configuration.

So you should…

Before you make any further decisions regarding your ICT infrastructure, take a look through the expert support on this site. You’ll see why getting your infrastructure right matters more than you might think.

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