UK&I Responsible Business Report 2021

Connecting social value goals in the UK&I region

We live in an ever-changing world. A world that faces a series of complex challenges, from economic inequality to climate change. By doing the right thing and contributing to society, we hope to earn the trust we need to continue to grow and make long term, stable contributions to our world. This is key to achieving our purpose of making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

Being a responsible business is at the heart of everything we do. It drives how we do business and how we deliver for our people, our customers, society and the planet.

Our people

Our people are our most valuable asset. They are essential to the way we innovate and deliver value. We endeavor to make Fujitsu a great place to work. We are creating an inclusive workplace where we embrace difference and empower all people to reach their full potential.

Human Rights, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Wellbeing are two of the pillars in our Global Responsible Business framework.

Our activities in these areas help improve awareness of key issues that impact our people and drive positive change across Fujitsu to build a diverse, open workplace where everyone can succeed.

Our people


At Fujitsu, we believe that a profitable and successful business is sustainable only when we are creating shared value for our stakeholders. We cannot operate without healthy, prosperous communities and a vibrant economy.

We tackle social issues both locally and globally, using our core skills to ensure people are benefiting from technology and thriving. Running a smart, sustainable business that respects the communities it serves means taking decisions that are inclusive and holistic. At Fujitsu, we align and combine our activities so that we can accomplish all our goals, not just those that seem most immediately profitable or philanthropic.



Our planet is the foundation of a sustainable future.

As well as limiting our own impact on the environment, we partner with others to drive decarbonization and create innovative solutions to environmental issues.


Our customers

Fujitsu works extensively across the Public & Private Sector, and we pride ourselves on the partnerships and long-standing relationships we build with customers spanning a wide range of industries.

It is through these relationships that we can implement and develop programmes with our like-minded customers that benefit the wider community and society with which we all interact.

We have been through some of the most challenging moments of recent times, but we have worked through adversity together with our partners.

Working with customers

Looking to the future

Our key focus is working year on year to achieve fulfill our purpose, ensuring that across all departments in our organisation we put this at the forefront of our strategy and vision.

We continually challenge ourselves to be true to the Fujitsu values and ensure that we work in collaboration with our customers and other organisations to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit society in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Looking to the future

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