Responsible business practices must be fully integrated into business strategy in order for any company to be truly sustainable. It must be at the heart of every business decision, and impact the way in which we operate. At Fujitsu, we ensure that we are transparent and ethical; implementing socially responsible practices. Across our EMEIA region, the scope of Operating Practices has been defined by the following 7 key areas.

Ethics and Compliance

Ensuring Legal and Regulatory Compliance continues to be a natural part of everything we do. To achieve this in UK & Ireland we use an Integrated Quality Management System (the BMS) made up of our master policies, key processes and other guidance documents. Compliance is built into all of our master policies and key processes, which directly support our Global Business Standards and ensure that all that we do is in line with the Fujitsu Way.
We have zero tolerance for corruption and for retaliation against persons who report issues or concerns in good faith.

Security and Data Protection

In today's world, the manner in which Fujitsu manages the security of our own and our customers’ information is critical to successful business.  This includes the management of personal data. Our Security Master Policy establishes the framework for a company security management system that supports informed decision making and the reduction of security risks.
Our Data Protection Master Policy specifies that we comply with Data Protection Law, including the Data Protection Principles relating to the Processing and protection of Personal Data in the UK and Ireland, as well as all data protection-related laws in all countries in which we transact business and that we maintain compliance in all our worldwide operations.

Human Rights

We respect Human Rights. Each company of Fujitsu Group supports the protection and promotion of human rights. We respect the personal dignity and rights of every individual. Our approach to Human Rights is detailed in our Global Business Standards. We are also publishing our own Fujitsu Global Human Rights policy.

Respect for Property Rights

It is Fujitsu's policy to safeguard and exploit its own intellectual property and associated rights and to give appropriate recognition to the intellectual property rights of others. Fujitsu's Intellectual Property Management Policy sets out the steps to follow when dealing with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Responsible Supply Chains

In order to succeed in our business objectives, we work closely with suppliers to ensure our procurement activities embody Fujitsu’s corporate values. Fujitsu’s procurement policy describes the principles and procedures that govern our procurement activities. The policy references, and is governed by, our  Global Business Standards.

Product Safety

Fujitsu believes information and communications technology (ICT) can play a key role in solving societal challenges. For this reason (and many others) the safety of our product and services is of essential importance.


The management and promotion of Health & Safety is deemed to be wider than a regulatory requirement and a matter of essential compliance in isolation. As part of the company ethos, there is a strong symbiotic relationship between the Health & Safety and Wellbeing Functions such that benefits may be extended beyond employees and capture the interests of customers, suppliers, stakeholders, the wider community and in some cases, members of the public. We have recently become one of the first companies in the UK&I to transition to the ISO45001 certification for our Safety Management System.

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