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Revision of the Fujitsu Way

The Fujitsu Group established the Fujitsu Way in 2002 as a principle for the behavior of all its people. In response to changes in society and the business environment, the company revised the philosophy in 2008 to further instill awareness in its people working around the globe.

The world has become more inter-connected with ever-growing complexity, and we are experiencing an era that is fast-changing and uncertain. Various threats to global sustainability have become apparent. It is Fujitsu's responsibility to use technology to deliver value for customers and contribute proactively to the transformation of society. Accordingly, we have set out Our Purpose to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation, and renewed the Fujitsu Way for every person in the Group to act with Our Purpose.

The new Fujitsu Way comprises the following three core elements:

  • Our Purpose : Why Fujitsu exists in society
  • Our Values : The important sense of value each person should have
  • Code of Conduct : What Fujitsu people should comply with

Moreover, Our Values describe a critical action cycle necessary to achieve Our Purpose, consisting of Aspiration, Trust and Empathy.

We aim to achieve Our Purpose by advancing corporate activities based on the new Fujitsu Way, which will provide a new basis for the actions of each person in the Group.

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The Structure of Fujitsu Way

The Structure of Fujitsu Way[Image Large]

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