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Employees in Fujitsu group

Number of employees by region (*1)Total124,216124,055123,527G102-7,8
East Asia (*2)18,8424,9664,655
Asia Pacific (*2)2,57520,44020,888
The Americas3,9423,8913,851
Europe (*2)22,01222,11722,084
Number of Employees by Type of ContractFull-time124,216124,055123,527 
Non Full-time (*3)12,32412,00513,288
  • *1
    The number of employees as of end of the fiscal year (March 20)
  • *2
    Figures for FY 2020 and FY 2021 refer to "Asia" and "Oceania" respectively. We have been reviewing regional classifications since fiscal 2022. NWE (Nordic and Western Europe), CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), Europe other than NWE and CEE are added together to "Europe," China, Taiwan and South Korea included in Asia are added together to "East Asia," and countries other than China, Taiwan and South Korea and Oceania included in Asia are added together to "Asia Pacific.".
  • *3
    Including fixed term employees (contracted, part-time, etc.) and excluding dispatched workers.

Board of Directors (As of June 26, 2023)

 End of June, 2022End of June, 2023End of June, 2024GRI
Directors (person)Total999G405-1
External directors (person)555
Non-Japanese directors (person)111

Diversity (Fujitsu group)

Ratio of female employees (%)Fujitsu group-24.825,2G405-1
Ratio of female executives and managers (%)Fujitsu group-15.0115.8
Ratio of female in junior management positions (%)Fujitsu group-17.7918.2
Ratio of female in top management positions (%)Fujitsu group-13.815.6
Ratio of female in management positions in revenue-generating functions (%)Fujitsu group-15.517.5
Ratio (*5) of female in STEM-related positions (%)Fujitsu group-20.419.5
  • *4
    The number of employees as of end of the fiscal year (March 20)
  • *5
    STEM-related Departments: Departments related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Average salary for FY2023 by gender (Fujitsu group)Executive levelBase salary only31,711,11131,320,000G405-2
Base salary + Other incentive93,396,21389,962,256
Management levelBase salary only9,051,6848,450,216
Base salary + Other incentive13,873,48812,989,180
Non-management levelBase salary + Bonus5,809,8814,556,370
  • *6
    Average salary for FY2022 by gender covers domestic Group companies with 300 or more employees.
  • *7
    Base salary includes basic salary and various allowances (Commuting allowance and retirement allowance are excluded.).
  • *8
    Incentives include bonuses and stock compensation, and theoretical values are used for some executives. As for stock compensation, the amount based on the estimated amount of grant under the 2022 Plan < Grant amount fixed for 3 years of 2022~2024 > is used instead of the amount based on the fixed amount of grant in fiscal 2022.

Diversity (Fujitsu Limited)

Number of employees (*9) Total34,43035,09235,924G405-1
Average age (*10)43.643.743.6
Number of employees by age groupUnder 305,0635,1265,252
50 and over13,12713,44313,579
Number of employees by genderMale27,99528,24828,549
Gender salary gap(%)
(Female to male ratio) (*11)
All employee-76.976.8G405-2
Full-time employee-76.576.7
Fixed-term employee-84.581.3
Ratio of newly appointed female managers (%)
(qualified personnel)
Number of non-Japanese employees585674774
Employment rate of people with disabilities (%) (*12)
(counted in every June)
  • *9
    The number of employees as of the end of the fiscal year (March 20) includes executive officers and does not include non-regular employees.
  • *10
    At the end of the fiscal year (March 31)
  • *11
    Period covered: April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.Salary is the amounts paid to employees, including basic salaries, bonuses, and other benefits. (Excluding retirement allowance and commuting allowance.
  • *12
    Fiscal 2021 data covers Fujitsu, Fujitsu Harmony, Fujitsu Laboratories, Fujitsu IS Services, Fujitsu Advanced Accounting Services, Fujitsu Home & Office Services, and Fujitsu Techno Research. In fiscal 2021, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Harmony, Fujitsu IS Services, Fujitsu Advanced Accounting Services, Fujitsu Home & Office Services, Fujitsu Techno Research, Fujitsu SSL Powered Services, and Fujitsu SSL Harmony are covered. In fiscal 2022, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Harmony, Fujitsu IS Services, Fujitsu Advanced Accounting Services, Fujitsu Home & Office Services, and Fujitsu Techno Research will be included.

Employment (Fujitsu Limited)

Average year of service (*13)Total19.619.219.118.8 
Total number of new employee hires1,1651,2201,5832,120G401-1
Ratio of new hires (%)
Percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates (%)81.787.179.368.9 
  • *13
    At the end of the fiscal year (March 31)

Using the Care Leave and Short Work Hours system (Fujitsu Limited)

Number of employees using child care leave (*14)(*15)(*17)Total300518525G401-3
Return to work rate after child care leave (%)Total100100100
Continuous work rate after child care leave (%)Total99.296.698.9
Number of employees using family care leave (*14)Total71824
Return to work rate after family care leave (%)100100100
Continuous work rate after family care leave (%)90.085.793.3
Number of employees using Short working hours (child care) (*14)Total703670674
Number of employees using Short working hours (family care) (*14)Total101114
Paternity leave (*14)(*16)497549592
Percentage of male employees taking childcare leave (%) (*18)-85.186.2 
  • *14
    Data applies to regular employees enrolled as of the end of the fiscal year (March 20).
  • *15
    Short-term childcare leave taken within 8 weeks after childbirth and subsequent reacquisition (so-called papa vacation) are counted as 1 person each.
  • *16
    In FY 2020 and FY 2022, the number of employees who gave birth within the fiscal year and obtained the relevant benefits within the fiscal year (including the use of childcare leave), and in FY 2021, the number of employees who obtained benefits has been revised in line with the approach in other fiscal years
  • *17
    "Employees who took childcare leave during the year, regardless of whether they gave birth within the year" in FY 2020; "Employees who have given birth within the year and have taken childcare leave" in FY 2021; "Employees who have taken parental leave for the first time for a subject child, regardless of whether the child was born within the current year (in accordance with the calculation method accompanying the disclosure of the status of parental leave)" in FY 2022 (including combined use with childcare leave)
  • *18
    Percentage of male employees who took childcare leave, etc. and leave for childcare purposes (based on the Childcare and Nursing Care Leave Act)

Occupational Safety and Health (Fujitsu Limited)

Lost time injury frequency rate (*19)
Severity (rate)(*20)
  • *19
    Number of work-related absences per 1 million working hours
  • *20
    Number of lost working days/Total working hours ×1,000

Human Resource Development (Fujitsu group)

 FY2020 (*21)FY2021 (*22)FY2022 (*22)FY2023 (*22)GRI
Average Annual Hours Spent Learning [hour /year /person]
Annual Cost of Learning [1000yen /year /person]118.481.775.473.9
Human Capital Return on Investment (ROI) (*23)
  • *21
    Scope: Fujitsu and domestic group companies
  • *22
    Scope : Fujitsu Group
  • *23
    Human Capital Return on Investment (ROI): Calculated by [net sales - (operating expenses - employee-related expenses)]/employee-related expenses

Breakdown of learning hours in FY 2023

Age group20s and younger30s40s50s and olderGRI
Average Annual Hours Spent Learning [hour /year /person]94.230.724.918.9G404-1
LevelManagers and aboveNon-managersGRI
Average Annual Hours Spent Learning [hour /year /person]26.739.8 

Political contributions and other spending (*24)

[million yen]
Lobbying, interest representation or similar0000
Local, regional or national political campaigns / organizations /candidates17.
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups102.5134.9130.4216.9

Expenditure on major political organization (*24)

[million yen]
National Political Association18.0
  • *24
    Fujitsu conducts political donations properly in accordance with the Political Funds Control Act.

Large expenditure by sustainability topics

[million yen]
TopicsDescription of engagementFY2023
Recommendations for IT and other industrial policiesOur company provides advice on IT and other industrial policies by participating in various committees and workshops of electronics, electricity, and information and communications organizations in legal entity and economic organizations, such as the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.127.3
Sustainable development on a global scaleOur company works through organizations such as the World Economic Forum (*25) for the purpose of sustainable development of industry and humankind.70.1
Responding to environmental issues such as climate changeWith the aim of responding to climate change through industry, we are participating in environmental projects such as the World Business Council (*25) for Sustainable Development.15.8
Others 3.7
  • *25
    For more information on WEF and WBCSD, please visit this site.

Employee Engagement

The employee engagement survey includes questions about the sense of fulfillment from working for the Fujitsu Group, the connection between Fujitsu's purpose and one's own work, and the utilization of one's individual strengths. We also use various data from regular well-being surveys and stress checks to improve employee engagement.

TopicsFY2020FY2021FY2022FY2023Target for FY2025
Engagement score (%) (*26)6867696975
  • *26
    The Positive response rate is as follows.
    FY2020: 66%  FY2021: 64%  FY2022: 66%  FY2023: 64%  Target for FY2023: 71%  Target for FY2025: 74%
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