Sustainability Data Book Framework


Our Sustainability Website and Data Book

Fujitsu established a sustainability website in FY 2019 in order to disclose non-financial information from the “Fujitsu Group Integrated Report” in more detail. Through this website, we are able to update our sustainability information in a more timely manner.

We will also begin release of our “Sustainability Data Book,” a PDF that contains the information on our website, every October, in order to leave a record of the information that has been disclosed.

Information Disclosure System at Fujitsu
Information Disclosure System at Fujitsu

Guidelines Referenced

  • GRI Standards
  • SASB Standards
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012/2018 versions / Ministry of the Environment)
  • UN Global Compact
  • ISO26000

Comparison Table of Guidelines Referenced

Reporting Period

This website focuses on activities in FY 2021, from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, and the data presented is actual performance data from that period.

Target Readership

This report is written assuming the following readership: Fujitsu stakeholders including customers, employees, stockholders/investors, suppliers/business partners, international society/local communities, and public institutions/governments.

Organizations Covered

Description of social fields of this data book generally refers to the Fujitsu Group as a whole. “Fujitsu” in the text refers to Fujitsu, Ltd., “Fujitsu Group” refers to Fujitsu, Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries inside and outside of Japan, and “Fujitsu and its domestic Group companies” refers to Fujitsu, Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan.

When using descriptors that are not listed above, we will specify the organizations that are covered.

About Third Party Assurance

In order to ensure the reliability of the content in the Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book 2022, we asked a third party, KPMG AZSA Sustainability Co., to examine and post a review of the report.


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