Our employees, who possess an awareness that they belong to a global society, will have a positive impact not just on society, but on the economy and on business, by increasing their empathy for social issues and engaging in the co-creation of activities.
We will evaluate, analyze and communicate the impact that our employees have made, and offer greater value to society.


Contributing to the transformation of both our corporate culture and mindset of employees

Rate of increase in the number of employees participating in social contribution activities related to social issues: A 10% increase compared with FY2019 under the "new normal" situation

Our Approach to Community Activities

The Fujitsu Group has cooperated with regional communities—who are important stakeholders for us—to pursue unique activities in each region in Japan and around the world. From now on, in order to achieve our purpose which was newly established in 2020, we will promote our activities in Japan and overseas in a more integrated manner, and take the trust we have built in regions up to this point and elevate it to a global level. In order to solve the challenges facing society, we will create greater value by focusing on areas where we can maximize our business strengths. Furthermore, we will continue to create significant value by developing and enhancing systems for quantitatively assessing the impact of our activities in Japan and overseas, and by implementing a cycle to review and improve our activities.

Key Focus Area


FY 2021 Performance

Total Amount of Investments for Community Activities

The following chart describes the investments for community activities at Fujitsu in FY 2021.

Community Activities Expenditure

Employee Volunteer Activity Support System

The Fujitsu Group has in place a volunteer activity support system to encourage each employee's active contribution to society. Additionally, we have also developed various programs customized to the characteristics of each region in order to support better local communities in each area where we have a business site.

Fujitsu has set up a leave of absence system for employees to participate in the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers or the Senior Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (for up to three years), as well as a system that allots five vacation days a year that can be used for volunteer activities, which can be accumulated for a maximum of 20 vacation days. In FY 2021, 156 employees took their accumulated vacation days (750 days in total) to conduct volunteer activities.

Our Approach (Case Studies)


Our Effort to Help Achieve SDG 3, “To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”
-Creating a World where Everyone Can Continue to Expand their Potential-

Fujitsu is working to expand people’s mental and physical abilities, their senses, and their relationships with others and to remove constraints. We hope to create a world where everyone can play an active role and where people can continue to maximize their potential.

    • A cancer diagnosis is devastating for everyone involved and is particularly difficult for young children. That’s why Camp Quality -one of Australia’s most recognized and respected charities-provides services and programs that are specifically designed to support and inform children.

      When the COVID-19 pandemic made face-to-face services and programs impossible, thus, Camp Quality turned to its long-time partner Fujitsu Australia and together, they undertook a human-centered design workshop in Fujitsu’s DTC where they explored potential solutions and the idea of adding interactive elements and augmented reality to an educational application to engage and empower children facing cancer. The app was then co-designed as part of Fujitsu’s Innovation Incubator program and developed by a gender-balanced team in Fujitsu’s Global Delivery Centre of Excellence in Poland.

      20.000 more children can be reached with essential information.

      The interactive and educational Kids’ Guide to Cancer app is supplied as a free service to all users, it answers the most common questions children have regarding cancer, and includes audio and text information about cancer, hospitals, medicines, treatments, and people who can help. Animated stories and an augmented reality character bring the app to life. The app also connects adult users with other Camp Quality support services, including phone counselling and the Primary School Cancer Education Programme.

      Co-creation Workshop
      Co-creation Workshop


Our Effort to Help Achieve SDG 4, “a quality education for all”
-Creating the Future through Education-

Children are our future. We will create a place where those children can connect with one another and learn through a focus on ICT, which is our forte.

    • Fujitsu is working on the development and deployment of Ontenna, a product that enables the hearing impaired to feel sound through vibration and light. Ontenna is a user-interface device that can be worn on the hair, earlobe, collar, cuff, etc., and allows the wearer to pick up tonal characteristics through vibration and light (our design for a device worn on the body that senses sound with vibrations and light received the Imperial Invention Prize at the 2022 National Commendation for Invention held by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation).
      Ontenna is now provided free of charge to around 80% of schools for the deaf, where it is used in speech and rhythm practice. Fujitsu has also developed a user-programmable application for use in schools for the deaf and other educational institutions around Japan, allowing children to easily customize the intensity of Ontenna’s vibration and the color of the light according to the volume of the sound for the desired reaction. Fujitsu was able to create a high-quality educational solution that could not be achieved simply with conventional ICT education, making it possible for the hearing impaired to experience a new world of sound. Fujitsu is also helping to facilitate an understanding of diversity in society by making it possible for more people to experience Ontenna through free lending and program rental at schools and educational institutions interested in programming training using this device.

      Ontenna in Use
      Ontenna in Use
      The vibration intensity and light color can be customized
      The vibration intensity and light color can be customized
      The application in use at a school for the deaf
      The application in use at a school for the deaf
    • Offering free, accessible work experience for school students is imperative in supporting talent diversity and social mobility in the tech industry. Work experience provides invaluable practical skills, industry experience, and a head start for students at the end of their school careers. As a large technology corporation operating across the UK, Fujitsu can play a significant part in supporting students’ development and promoting careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

      Our vision is to deliver a fair and democratic work experience program to students throughout the country, regardless of geographical location, to promote diversity in the future generations of tech talent.

      To deliver the program, we partnered with Springpod, an established online student work experience platform. Springpod manages the recruitment process on our behalf and helps us to ensure that safeguarding and GDPR requirements are met.
      Subject matters experts from across Fujitsu collaborated to ensure that the students had the most engaging introduction to the IT industry possible and gained a practical understanding of how technology impacts society.

      Going forward Fujitsu aims to welcome three cohorts of students throughout the year. With the potential of up to 800 students’ places in each cohort, this is a great opportunity for us to inspire the next generation of students across the UK and shape the digital workforce of the future.

    • The ICT-driven Social Innovation Consortium for Female College Students is an initiative of the academy and industry to foster female leaders who are well-versed in advanced IT to usher in Society 5.0. Based on a vision of “a society where all women can initiate social innovation,” the Consortium is fostering interactions between promising students in ICT and companies, and it is endeavoring to solve various problems related to female social advancement.

      In FY 2021, about 60 sessions of workshops, student exchanges, and events planned by students were held using the services of corporate sponsors, and about 330 female college students participated in those sessions. In addition to providing cloud services for application development and conducting programming classes, the Fujitsu Group held brainstorming sessions, encouraged the development of potential applications for local municipalities, and sponsored job fairs. The Group is engaged in initiatives to facilitate innovation in an advanced information society.

      An online event
      An online event

    • Children are our future. To help nurture the ability of children to create the society of the future, Fujitsu conducts online classes featuring design thinking that have been in product development and solving social issues. These classes feature “learning linked to society,” as is required in a school setting.
      In FY 2021, 207 students from middle schools nationwide participated in the classes. The format for these classes is an online conference between Fujitsu employees and students, and the classes use instructional materials based on case studies of Fujitsu’s solutions to communicate design thinking to middle school students. The students can receive instruction that touches on methods of solving social issues, which is the purpose of the SDGs, and the concepts behind them. On the day of the class, Fujitsu employees and students from each school were divided into three groups to each consider a specific social issue. A student representative presented the solution that students had devised in earlier classes, and Fujitsu employees commented on that solution. The class described examples of solutions implemented by Fujitsu and it facilitated communication between employees and the middle school students.
      The class generated many new ideas as students clarified their own positions by thinking about the social issue using design thinking and identifying “ideals.” Moreover, the students learned that many solutions are being used in the world, and this broadened their own awareness that their own ideas might be made a reality.

      Mechanism for Conducting Online Classes
      Steps in Conducting Online Classes

Our Effort to Help Achieve SDG 13, Taking “urgent action on climate change”
-Creating a Sustainable World-

Fujitsu has created a new business brand, Fujitsu Uvance, to express our commitment to ”building new possibilities by connecting people, technology, and ideas, creating a more sustainable world where anyone can advance their dreams,” and we are working to create a sustainable world under that brand.

    • Fujitsu We Care #2017-2021 is a five-year reforestation program which was achieved in collaboration with 3 organizations: Fujitsu Thailand Co., Ltd., PTT Reforestation and Ecology Institute, and Pa Yup Nai Subdistrict Administrative Organization.
      About 500 different trees were planted during this five-year program in the area of 2 rai and 2 ngan (equals to 4000 square meters), next to Sufficiency School, Prasae River Basin, in Rayong Province. These are a mixture of perennial plants, forest trees, seasonal plants and fruit trees such as: red cork wood, mango, acacia pennata, cowa, Elaeocarpus hygrophilus Kurz, pineapple and tapioca.
      During the last year of the program the impact was measured, and results showed that the forest absorbed 7.2 tons of carbon dioxide and release 5.8 tons of oxygen in the last 12 months only. A great contribution to the ecosystem and environmental sustainability of Rayong Province that will provide benefits to the local community in the long run.

      Fujitsu We Care #2017- 2021 -Reforestation Program
      Fujitsu We Care #2017- 2021 -Reforestation Program
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