Collaboration with External Parties


During these times, the challenges facing society and the environment have grown in number. The principle that companies have a responsibility to all of their stakeholders is becoming more common worldwide, to include not just customers and investors, but employees, suppliers, and communities of all sizes.

Fujitsu supports this principle and is working towards the realization of a sustainable society, acting in conjunction with international organizations and a variety of like-minded companies.

Involvement with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is an organization led by the CEOs of around 200 global corporations that aims to create a sustainable world through business activities.
Fujitsu has been a member of the WBCSD since 2013, and CEO Tokita is currently serving the organization as a member of its Executive Committee.


In 2021, the WBCSD announced its long-term vision, “Vision 2050: Time to Transform,” which Fujitsu was involved in revising and translating into Japanese. This vision clearly defines the role that companies should play in addressing pressing issues facing the global community in order to create “a world in which more than 9 billion people live well, within planetary boundaries by mid-century.”

In November 2021, Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the WBCSD, delivered a speech entitled “Time for Action on Vision 2050” to our top management to help Fujitsu understand and fulfill its role. Video of the speech was broadcast to all of our employees via the company’s internal network to promote broad understanding of sustainability from top management down to frontline employees.

Fujitsu’s purpose is aligned with “Vision 2050: Time to Transform,” and we will continue to work toward the creation of a sustainable world.

Involvement with the World Economic Forum (WEF)


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a not-for-profit foundation established by economist Klaus Schwab that engages in programs to improve the state of the world through cooperation between the public and private sectors in a spirit of global citizenship. It offers a venue for close collaboration among leaders from a diverse range of major international institutions as well as from the business world, government, academia and society, with the aim of shaping global, regional and industry-based agendas.

In January each year, the WEF holds its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The Davos meetings bring together in one venue more than 3,000 leaders in their fields from around the globe, including company executives, political leaders, intellectuals, and journalists, to discuss the major problems confronting the world.

The WEF’s 2022 Annual Meeting, the first face-to-face meeting in two and a half years, began on May 22 and lasted for five days. The theme was “History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies,” and participants discussed the global pandemic, the situation in Ukraine, and geopolitical issues. CEO Tokita and COO Furuta represented Fujitsu at the meeting. We will continue to work toward creating a sustainable world through communication between top management and various stakeholders and through feedback within the company.

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