Implementation of security solutions for BS2000 systems to meet all requirements, from simple concepts to complex, security policies

Current versions: V5.6, V5.5

Reliable data protection is a key requirement for the use of systems in commercial data processing. Mission-critical data must be effectively protected against intentional and above all against negligent modification or destruction. SECOS is a software product that is designed to implement security solutions for BS2000 systems to meet all requirements, from simple concepts to complex, according to customer-specific security policies.

The security risks attending commercial data processing are manifold. They range from errors in the use and operation of IT-systems to premeditated computer crime. Possible consequences include the loss of data availability, integrity and confidentiality. It is therefore imperative to combat these risks and institute security measures to administer and monitor access rights, anticipate potential threats and counter them if they actually materialize.

The basic security functions in BS2000 and the SECOS product combine to offer comprehensive, scalable security options for BS2000 operation in interactive and batch operating modes, as well as for the POSIX environment and POSIX-based procedures and applications. The product is also supported by an extensive array of services, ranging from security analyses through turnkey SECOS solutions for BS2000 installations.

Given their security functions (in particular SECOS), BS2000 business servers can be successfully included in security audits and with it contribute to certification of the security management of a company.

SECOS includes the following main functions:

  • Extended access control through improved user identification
  • Support of single sign-on via Kerberos
  • Security by role assignment
  • Object-oriented security management
  • Collecting proof