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Fujitsu has a unique set of innovative, proven solutions, in addition to our consulting methodology, that combine to deliver tangible co-creation outputs in the form of Proofs of Business (PoB) and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in an agile way, ensuring that innovation delivers its promise.

With a consulting-led model, a small and dynamic team, a focus on fast IT technologies such as IoT, analytics, AI, blockchain, and quantum-inspired computing, and a deeply embedded entrepreneurial culture, Fujitsu Digital Business Solutions is helping to accelerate organizations’ digital transformation efforts. This is a game-changing approach and can create unprecedented improvements to your top and bottom lines, with up to 80 percent uplift in terms of revenue and profit, or time saved.

Because Fujitsu has a far wider set of technology and services capabilities than other global-scale ICT providers, we are able to offer a unique approach to get your organization to its transformed state quickly, efficiently and effectively. Based on consulting, co-creation, integration and ongoing optimization of your digitally transformed business model and processes, our end-to-end transformation method is far more than a vision of where you could go. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between vision and delivery and our capabilities can take you to your digital destination, while ensuring continued orchestration with all your existing business components and services.

Co-creation is not just a slogan at Fujitsu. We have a proven methodology within a wider Co-creating Program for initiating, managing and delivering change – it’s called Fujitsu Human Centric Experience Design (HXD). It was developed, refined and proven in Japan at our Digital Transformation Centers that now form a global network for the creation of new ways of working to the benefit of all our customers and ecosystem partners.

HXD enables our customers to:

  • Understand their business challenges within the context of strategy.
  • Look at business and organizational issues through different lenses.
  • Combine business and technology expertise to develop rapid outline concepts.
  • Develop joint working plans for immediate experimentation.

This is a powerful tool to address the transformation of a business model, product development or customer experience.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

To accelerate the flow of innovative technology to real-world use cases, we have a global infrastructure of Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in the core technologies set to transform the world in the next decade and beyond: blockchain, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and robotic process automation. Together these technologies create the intelligent automation that will underpin the hyper-growth businesses of the future.

  • Blockchain Innovation Center: Fujitsu has set up a multi-disciplinary EMEIA team in Brussels, focused on the deeper and structural examination of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The team includes members from other selected professional organizations and companies, alongside local and global Fujitsu experts. This initiative resulted in the establishment of the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels in 2018.
  • Our specialist AI Centre of Excellence in Paris-Saclay has been recently expanded with a € 50 million investment initiative to work with Europe’s vibrant digital community to co-create new human-centric intelligent solutions.
  • In November 2018, Fujitsu added to its considerable investments in AI with the launch of a €4 million Global AI Centre of Excellence in Vancouver, Canada and the establishment of a new company that will formulate and carry out strategy for its artificial intelligence business.

The core technologies for digital transformation

1Automated Operations

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
Fujitsu has already helped many customers unleash the power of RPA across multiple sectors, services and functions for front-end and back-end processes. By using RPA to create a virtual or augmented workforce, essentially, any high-volume, low-variance process that involves human interaction with technology and a structured decision-making process has the potential to be automated. The Fujitsu RPA service is just one of the capabilities available in our Workflow Automation suite. Fujitsu RPA is deployed both as a stand-alone and an as-a-service automation platform, based on industry leading components. These components leverage software to emulate the interactions of people and technology to automate a wide range of operational and support processes quickly, cost-effectively and with 100 percent accuracy.

As no changes are made to back-end systems, our approach avoids lengthy and complex regression testing from traditional applications development, improving speed of deployment and lowering risk.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) benefits

Customers want information, and they want it now… Fujitsu is already helping its clients to deliver improved customer experiences, interactions and satisfaction with chatbots, using AI-powered deep learning to provide fast and accurate responses. For our customers, this channel diversification allows them to smooth-out peak demands, limit the risk of personnel shortages and even increase sales when the chatbot can convert a conversation into a sales action. End-to-end chatbot platforms can offer scalability, pre-trained chatbots, data analytics, as well as a secure, safe environment for data.

Leveraging world-class language processing and deep learning technologies from its partner ecosystem, Fujitsu provides the best conversational experience combined with exceptionally fast time-to-market. Fujitsu has also introduced cognitive technologies, including AI and voice biometrics, into workplace solutions.

2AI & Analytics

The rise of the data-driven business means data analytics has become a competitive battleground, conducted within the wider framework of transformation and simplification of IT environments. This offers economically viable opportunities to achieve real-time data analysis to support business growth.

Fujitsu is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for analytics deployments and helps organizations generate maximum ROI from customers and operations by placing data and analytics at the heart of what they do. It helps tackle key data issues ranging from customer engagement, operational efficiency, to risk and fraud.

Fujitsu has already helped customers unleash the power of machine learning-based analytics across multiple sectors:

  • In legal, helping speeding up the process of classification and summarizing legal documents.
  • In healthcare, assisting doctors answering relevant clinical questions about their patients.
  • In defense, helping prevent terrorism by finding non-obvious relationships among different events using NLP and semantic techniques as well as Graph Data Base.

All these solutions are built over Fujitsu’s Sholark, our powerful and flexible data analytics framework, bringing end-to-end analytical process automation and discovery. Further solutions based on Sholark are currently under development in the finance, insurance and military areas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
By creating a real-time dialogue between people, things and information, we are entering a hyperconnected era where AI can be applied in real, everyday business situations. The world will never be the same again. In many cases, from handwriting recognition to passing mathematics exams, AI has already proven more accurate than human experts. However, that’s not to say humans will be replaced by machines. With machines able to tackle more and more mundane tasks, workers will be enabled to focus on areas that add more value.

Fujitsu has deployed a series of AI-based solutions under a comprehensive framework called “Human Centric AI, Zinrai”. Within this framework, Fujitsu incorporates component technologies, such as machine learning, deep learning and visual recognition, into its digital solutions and services. Zinrai adds speed, improvement and innovation to any business process.

This is how we create intelligent systems with varying degrees of autonomy, that can range from quality control (Fujitsu’s FAIR computer vision solution), to easily tracking, managing and reporting on your aviation, first responder and manufacturing assets, using our GlobeRanger solution, that draws on proven IoT software and in-depth industry experience. GlobeRanger is a platform-based system that supports multiple use cases through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and sensor-based technology.

3Optimized problem solving with a Quantum-based solution

The reality of modern problem solving is that it often contains too many variables for any human, or machine, to consider… until now. Fujitsu’s new “Digital Annealer” architecture provides the ability to solve real world ‘combinatory optimization problems’ at high speed with a digital circuit inspired by quantum phenomena. This kind of problem is not suited to classical architectures, as the time required increases non-linearly with the complexity of the problem.

We have already delivered several PoCs across multiple sectors for optimization problems that have traditionally been too difficult to solve due to the enormous number of calculations or time required. Delivered use cases range from portfolio risk optimization to traffic route optimization, through to testing molecular combinations in drug discovery, optimization of production and assembly lines or optimization of infrastructure investment.

All these previously intractable optimization problems can now be achieved with Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer.

Furthermore, unlike quantum computers, simulated annealing does not necessitate cooling to extremely low temperatures and can be operated stably at room temperature, avoiding the complexity and energy costs of the advanced cooling solutions needed to maintain 0° K temperatures.

4Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Blockchain technology - a distributed ledger which provides trust between two parties who can choose to stay anonymous - has the potential to fundamentally change interactions and exchanges between people and businesses. By eliminating the need for trusted third parties, it can transform the flow of knowledge and commerce while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods and services.

This is why, for Fujitsu, blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are not just enabling technologies but they also force us to question the orthodoxies and conventions that are the basis of contemporary business models across all sectors.

A major characteristic of blockchain is that it offers high reliability and transparency. It creates a ledger that is virtually impossible to alter, by continually preserving records of all past transactions across multiple computers participating in a network to mutually verify and record data. It does this without any specified trusted organization or central server. This is why it holds the potential to create a new architecture for information systems, applicable in a variety of fields such as finance, logistics, supply chain and official document management.

Blockchain and DLTs are crucial tools to help customers who are on challenging transformational journeys. This is most visible in financial services but it is also taking place in areas beyond the original intent and purpose of the technology, such as IoT, AI, RPA, Smart Cities, Public Ledgers, Chain of Custody, Voting, Digital ID / Self-Sovereign Identity and many others.

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