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Fujitsu in Education

All for learning. Learning for all.
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Creating opportunities for everyone

Most of us remember a favourite teacher, class or stage of education. It’s because what we learned, or the way we learned it, was so compelling that it has stayed with us throughout our adult lives. It’s just one of the reasons we should celebrate education.

Education is all about those moments that inspire individual understanding, spark ideas or lead us in new directions. But it is also about bringing people together to acquire new knowledge. Fujitsu believes that technology can play a key role in creating opportunities to learn that are available to all.

See what happened when students, parents and teachers came together to share their experiences and passion for learning. Watch now.

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As Ash Merchant, Director of Education at Fujitsu, explains, “I remember the first computer I ever used at school. It was basic by modern standards but it encouraged me to learn more. I wanted to know how it worked and what I could do with it. In fact, it inspired my choice of career.

Today’s digital technologies can do so much more than the computers Ash first used at school. They are ubiquitous in class, at home and at work. And just because we use them all the time, it doesn’t mean they are any less important in inspiring learning.

Yet for many schools, colleges or universities, significant hurdles remain when it comes to balancing technology and expenditure. Rising expectations among students, parents and educators require quick decisions on the very best hardware and software. Curriculum targets and learning goals often dictate the demand for specific devices. Plus, the requirements of our digital age mean educators must put the right applications in the hands of students. But budget restrictions require wise long-term investments.

Technology can help schools, colleges and universities achieve all of this. But only if the right infrastructure is in place to rapidly introduce new devices or applications while keeping down the costs of running the ICT estate.

This is where Fujitsu comes in. We work with students, teachers, administrators, IT managers and organisations as a whole to provide education technology to people of all abilities. By identifying the right mix of PCs, tablets, applications and infrastructure, collectively we ensure learning for all.

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