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Further Education Technology Solutions

Digital learning solutions for Further Education
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Fujitsu Digital technology for further education

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At a time when colleges are under intense pressure to attract and retain new students, digitalisation in education is rapidly becoming a major differentiator. Today within further education, there’s high demand for learning experiences that empower students to study at their own pace. Students want to be able to access new digital technology and services that enhance the learning experience, increase engagement, and provide a virtual connection with lecturers. These factors are rapidly becoming highly relevant when students make their college choices.

However, college campuses tend to be complex multi-site environments, with high volumes of users wanting access to learning resources anytime, anywhere, using world-class devices. This makes delivering on digitalised learning a challenge. To achieve their digital goals, colleges must first ensure that they have secure, agile and reliable IT infrastructure in place to manage their complex environment and support a multitude of connected devices, applications, and learning management systems.

Fujitsu – supporting digital learning in further education

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Our years of experience implementing education technology solutions for colleges, means that we’re well placed to deliver on your further education IT requirements. We offer cutting-edge technology that enables you to bring subjects to life in a way that your students will respond to, and in a way that fits in with their tech-driven lives.

As world-leading experts in digital transformation, we can help you to overcome the challenges you face on the road to digitalisation. We understand the complexities of integrating new digital solutions with ageing legacy systems, and have expertise delivering scalable, secure and cost-effective solutions that improve connectivity and efficiency. Our range of solutions and end-to-end devices can deliver on both your teaching staffs’ learning requirements and your students’ needs.

See how our education IT customers solved their challenges

Speed and reliability
Reliability and high performance
Increased performance and reliability

Barnsley College

Needing to improve efficiency and mobility, Barnsley College contacted Fujitsu. As part of our solution, we deployed LIFEBOOK E554 notebooks to remove the barrier to learning. Students are now free to work anywhere, which has improved how they engage with their studies.

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Institute of Art, Design & Technology – Ireland

Needing over 100 high-end workstations each year that are capable of handling industry-leading graphics and editing applications, Ireland’s IADT contacted Fujitsu. We came up with a solution involving our CELSIUS R920 workstation that has tripled processing power and significantly reduced energy consumption.

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Kirkby College

Needing to refresh its ageing IT infrastructure, Kirkby College contacted Fujitsu for a new cost-effective server and storage solution. Our solution was to deploy our easy to manage PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box, which has improved performance and productivity for students and staff who are now supported via a range of applications.

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Our further education IT products and solutions

Integrated systems - PRIMEFLEX vShape

Infrastructure Solutions - PRIMEFLEX vShape

With Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX vShape, we deliver out-of-the-box, virtualised, enterprise-class IT architecture that can open up new opportunities for students and help them to better engage with their course.


  • easy integration with legacy
  • easy access and control of information through a highly available, centralised resource
  • enhanced teacher performance and productivity
  • 25% reduction in costs
  • high levels of data security
Mobile Devices - LIFEBOOK P727

Mobile Devices - LIFEBOOK P727

With the convertible LIFEBOOK P727, Fujitsu delivers multi-mode productivity. It’s a portable, ultra-light 2 in 1 device that enables an agile multi-mode learning style.


  • 4 functional working modes
  • seamless viewing experience regardless of location
  • superior security using Fujitsu palm vein authentication technology
Workstations and desktops - CELSIUS W550

Workstations and desktops - CELSIUS W550

With the CELSIUS W550, Fujitsu delivers an affordable, expandable and scalable entry-level desktop workstation ideally suited for students.


  • professional graphics and storage capacity
  • energy-efficient Intel® Core™ processors or powerful Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v5 processor
  • NVIDIA® NVS™ 315 fan-less graphic card
  • low noise emission - only 18 dB(A)
(As part of the Server, Storage & Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA) for Education, Fujitsu offers a Reliability Promise - should a hardware defect covered by our Standard Warranty occur within the first year of purchase, we’ll offer you a repair and full refund. Hard disk drives won’t be included, and will be managed under standard warranty.)

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