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Fujitsu World Tour 2016 : Fujitsu Netherlands

Fujitsu World Tour 2017

Fujitsu World Tour 2016: zeer geslaagd!

Impressie World Tour 2016Wij kijken terug op een zeer geslaagd evenement en hopen dat alle bezoekers een inspirerende dag hebben gehad met onze uitgebreide demoground en sessies over Hybrid IT, Digital Transformation, Mobilizing the Enterprise en Business Centric Infrastructure. Victor Mids heeft de dag afgesloten met zijn illusies en breinbrekers.

Via Social Media (Twitter en LinkedIn) hebben we al verschillende foto’s en een filmpje gedeeld.

Heb je deze dag gemist? Klik op de links hieronder om terug te kijken op deze
fantastische dag:

Digital Transformation

Navigating big data, the IOT, social media and process orchestration, whilst leveraging such delivery platforms as cloud and mobile, requires careful planning and prioritization. Implemented correctly, a modernized digital ecosystem can deliver true business value. Fujitsu delivers an end-to-end digital modernization approach, integrating the back office with an exciting front customer experience. From defining strategy, via planning and service deployment to creating the digital platform, we’re helping to shape the digital future. The result is accelerated innovation, allowing organizations to design, develop and launch new products and services. In short, digitalization eliminates complex and time-consuming manual approaches and streamlines business processes.

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Hybrid IT

As organizations seek the benefits delivered by cloud adoption, they are increasingly faced with the task of striking a balance between the many conflicting demands placed on the IT infrastructure. Ensuring that business units have the agility to act and deploy new solutions, without compromising governance and compliance. Maintaining data availability 24/7, across countries and across platforms, while not breaching privacy and security. And providing a robust, secure and flexible IT environment while working within a budget. The answer lies in a cleverly architectured and seamlessly integrated hybrid IT environment with a flexible governance framework that adapts to changing business needs. The Fujitsu approach drives productivity gains by providing management of multiple cloud services, contracts and relationships, striking the right balance between innovation and safety, and between delivery and costs.

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Mobilizing the Enterprise

While businesses may understand the benefits of a mobile workforce, it can be a balancing act between empowering employees, while keeping data safe and standardizing the technology and services. Maintaining, managing and leveraging legacy systems while investing in new technologies and staying in control while embracing IT consumerization, CYOD and BYOD.
Fujitsu’s workplace solutions enable employees to be more empowered and work more productively – whenever and wherever. We deliver a computing and communications experience that is personalized for each employee, allowing increased mobility and empowerment, a fully enterprise-wide flexible managed service and access to corporate data in a highly secure manner.

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Business-Centric Infrastructure

Servers and storage are fundamental to business and ICT processes, including disaster recovery, cloud security, data protection, server virtualization, and data analytics. Without solid ICT foundations, an enterprise lacks the consistency and flexibility it needs to stay competitive. Similarly, integrated storage and servers form a rock solid base that is much easier to maintain, while a scalable and customizable ICT infrastructure can evolve in line with changing needs.
Fujitsu provides all the benefits of robust, future-proofed technologies from a single source, tailored exactly to individual business demands for complete scalability, reliability and energy efficiency. Engineered and built in Germany and Japan, our products offer a single platform management layer, a single point of contact for all support issues, access to some of the most powerful ICT in the industry and complete transparency when configuring the new system.

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