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Report Digital Workplace Survey - End User Experience : Fujitsu Netherlands

End User Experience

The Digital Workplace Survey Report

How Digital is your workplace environment and the gap between expectations and reality of working anywhere and anytime you want? Fujitsu has summarized the findings of 1900 people globally in this research report.

'58% of Business Managers see their digital workplace infrastructure as the most critical success-factor for staying competitive.'

The gaps between desire and reality are largest at the aspects of better applications interplay and ease-of-use. Many organizations rely on many different and stand-alone systems which are a bottleneck in realizing an innovative workplace environment as considered by end users. Typically, classical office workers show a higher dissatisfaction than mobile or home office workers.

When it comes to the collaboration needs the respondents reality is pretty close to what they do expect. Working on documents together and conducting video and telephone conferences is technically arranged in many environments. And if not provided by the IT-department, smart employees will easily create a workaround that works well.

Download the complete Digital Workplace Survey Report to find out more about how company size, verticalisation and/or region influence the gap between expected and realized workplace environments.

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