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LAMY Expands Storage Infrastructure

"The new storage infrastructure, comprising ETERNUS DX systems and DataCore SANsymphony, has allowed us to significantly improve redundancy. Transferring data from one data center to another is now an entirely automated process that takes a matter of seconds."

Albin Schänzle, Process & IT Management, C. Josef Lamy GmbH

The customer

The LAMY brand is synonymous with premium quality writing instruments both within its native Germany and internationally. C. Josef Lamy GmbH, which is based near Heidelberg, has been an independent family company for over 80 years. The LAMY brand was established in 1952 with the innovative Lamy 27 fountain pen. Since the sixties, the company has been known for its distinctive “Lamy design”. Today, the company, which produces over six million writing instruments every year and has an annual turnover of over €50 million, is not only the market leader within Germany, but also counts among the German designer brands that hold a special position within the global market.

The challenge

Lamy had already invested heavily in the development of a virtualized server and client infrastructure, helping it to increase the flexibility of its IT systems while at the same time reducing energy costs and administration requirements. Lamy operates a split data center separated over two zones at the company’s Heidelberg headquarters. Previously, however, the PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS DX storage systems had not been mirrored, but had instead simply been shared over the two zones. Two PRIMERGY RX300 servers in each zone had become responsible for delivering the performance of 170 virtualized clients (Fujitsu Zero Clients). In the event of a failure of one half of the data center, 85 clients would therefore have been left without data. The storage components themselves were not redundantly designed either. “We were then given instructions by the senior management to deliver constant IT system availability,” explains Albin Schänzle, Head of Process & IT Management at LAMY. “We therefore had to find a solution for enhancing our already highly virtualized environment.” Another objective was to improve the performance of the zero clients in use.

The solution

The first step toward greater availability was to mirror the hardware. To supply the processing power required for the double load that would be placed on the respective zero clients, it was sufficient to upgrade the RAM of the existing PRIMERGY servers. The existing ETERNUS DX90 storage system was given additional shelves and a counterpart was set up in the now mirrored data center. As the third form of virtualization, IT service provider idicos GmbH installed the DataCore SANsymphony solution, which permitted virtualization and acceleration of all the storage capacities.

The benefit

  • Greater availability (>99.99%) thanks to automatic failover
  • Automatic load balancing across storage systems
  • Improved application performance

Products and services

  • Servers: 2x PRIMERGY RX300 S7 (DataCore Storage Domain Servers)
  • Storage system: 1x ETERNUS DX90 S2 (the second storage system for synchronous mirroring)
  • Storage virtualization: DataCore SANsymphony-V (as part of the Bytec ETERNUS DX+Appliance)
  • Service: Sizing and installation by Fujitsu SELECT Expert Partner idicos GmbH (Schriesheim, near Heidelberg, Germany)


Download the LAMY case ctudy (403 KB/A4, 2 pages)