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Expatriate Opportunities at FSEU

Careers with FSEU

Karsten Grüner (41), Design Engineer, joined FSEU in October 2000. Karsten Grüner (41), Design Engineer, joined FSEU in October 2000. He just returned from a 1-year deployment in Japan.

How did you come to work for FSEU?
The first contact with Fujitsu was for my diploma thesis. After a 6 months break which was mainly used for some long travel, I joined the MCU Design Center as a Design Engineer. What convinced me to start my career here was mainly the working style among the Microcontroller Design Engineers: Their way of making decisions, the team cooperation and personal engagement.

What did you learn here?
Besides all the technology details: Even the best team is made by human beings. Even when we give a lot, we're not perfect, and not expected to be.

What experiences have you made on an international level?
There are so many people here form different nations all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds. It is amazing how easy things can be if we share a common idea (and how difficult, if we don’t). An extraordinary experience was working with colleagues from Serbia who joined FSEU just a few months after their country had been bombed by NATO airplanes. That made me think a lot.

What is so special about working for FSEU?
I’m writing this from Japan, where I am currently deployed to. This is very special to me. It’s nice to know a country from travelling, but it's a complete different experience to live the daily life. There are many trivial things that turn out to be a little adventure, like using a bus with no Japanese companion or paying your first Japanese electricity bill. My work life is similar to that of my Japanese colleagues, with one privilege: I don't have to attend all the meetings because most of them are held in Japanese!

What prospects do you see for your FSEU future?
FSEU provided all possible effort to anticipate and eliminate potential problems, but now it’s my turn to make my assignment to Japan a success. Therefore I am eager to learn and to acquire the necessary skills, also (or especially?) in the non-technological fields.

What would you say to a newcomer at FSEU?
"Gambatte kudasai." – This Japanese expression means anything between "Come on!", "Cheer up!" and "Give it your best effort."… It is said just about any time you start to do something. But it is not just said for politeness, Japanese people really do take it to heart.