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Careers with FSEU

With an internship at Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, you have the chance to lay the foundation for a successful career. You will be integrated in a team and work on “real” projects. We have had many cases of successful interns subsequently writing their diploma thesis with us and/or becoming permanent employees. We offer interesting internship projects in our European Headquarters in Langen.


Consolata Makau, Master Student of Engineering in Information Technology

Consolata Makau, Master Student of Engineering in Information Technology "I joined FSEU in Langen for my internship with little experience, not knowing what to expect. That however did not last long! From the first moment, I encountered an atmosphere that made all the difference! Through my entire internship I was accompanied by highly knowledgeable but surprisingly laid-back colleagues who were more than willing to answer all my lingering questions. This atmosphere gives room for everyone to learn and experience new things every day – interns included, who take part in real-time customer projects! While writing this, I am completing my master thesis here. I am extremely thankful, feeling this company has best prepared me for any challenges in my future career."