Successful cyber security isn't just about having the right protection in place to guard against attacks

It's also about anticipating those future attacks that you don't know about yet, to ensure business continuity always.

Assess your existing IT security – and improve it

Fujitsu's Technical Professional services look specifically at your existing IT security architecture and design, providing independent advice to help you meet current and potential new challenges. From strategic business decisions to tactical responses, we give you the confidence and insight to manage risk and compliance demands effectively. Benefit from a comprehensive range of services - including consulting, designing, building, operating and maintaining your chosen solution.

  • Access the latest industry-specific security insights, controls and technologies
  • Benefit from comprehensive professional security services - from building and installation to testing and integration
  • Optimize security spending with a focus on your core business
  • Increase your overall protection level, and minimize the risk of cyber attack
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