Fujitsu PalmSecure PSN900 - the digital handshake

Fujitsu PalmSecure PSN900 utilizes vein pattern technology to deliver superior security authentication. It’s a contactless and user-friendly physical access control system with optional time and attendance software, and is suitable for various access control implementations.

PalmSecure PSN900 delivers two-factor authentication that combines PalmSecure technology with RFID smartcards or other technologies, it’s a security solution that can be easily scaled to thousands of users.

PalmSecure PSN900 identity management and verification

Three types of authentication are offered; verification with smartcard, authentication on the device, and authentication on a server.

PalmSecure PSN900:

  • comprises of a terminal with an integrated PalmSecure sensor and touchscreen
  • meets multi-factor authentication requirements - can be integrated with other technologies, such as; pin pad, proximity card and smartcard technologies
  • covers major requirements for physical access control and time attendance

The support of industry standard access interfaces like Wiegand 26/34 and Electric Lock/Exit Button/Alarm means PalmSecure ID Access is the technology of choice for fast and easy-to-deploy biometric approaches.

PalmSecure technology benefits

  • high security - vein patterns are hidden under the skin and do not change over time
  • high accuracy - palm vein patterns are converted into high-res images and are insensitive to external factors such as temperature
  • fast and easy introduction of biometrics

PalmSecure PSN900 benefits

  • high accuracy
  • highly scalable
  • easy to integrate into building infrastructures
  • high acceptance - as palm vein recognition is fast, easy and intuitive to use
  • very hygienic as it’s contactless
  • quick and easy to implement

Further information

PalmSecure PSN900 Data Sheet

PalmSecure ID Access PSN900 Data Sheet
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A range of security peripherals and accessories are available to further increase your security level.

Peripherals and Accessories
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