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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on retailers around the world. Out of adversity, we are witnessing a new wave of ingenuity and innovation, as retailers re-focus on survival and growth. In the space of a few months, we have seen new supply chain models, new offerings, a rapidly-accelerated shift to on-line operations and a fundamental reprofiling of employee roles and responsibilities.

At Fujitsu, we are committed to helping retailers through these uncharted times – where many people and businesses are finding resolve and resilience, and planning for a new normal.

‘Connected Retail’ is Fujitsu’s strategic vision for retailers to harmonize the best of both worlds – online and offline – to redefine the ‘store’, transform the shopping experience and improve retail operations. Correctly executed, it generates ‘no join retailing’, where promoting, selling and ordering are seamlessly managed across all touchpoints. The customer is now in control of all those elements previously directed by the retailer– range, service, payment, delivery – within a mobile shopping process and environment. Find out how our Connected Retail Solutions help you to:

  • Offer truly Human Centric Retail
  • Achieve Frictionless Shopping
  • Deliver Operational Excellence
  • Execute Easy Order Everywhere

Lead in a digital world with Cloud Powered Retail

Succeeding in retail has never been more difficult. The competition is fierce. Your customers expect more. And for many, time is running out to get it right. Fujitsu and its partner ecosystem (Microsoft Azure, VMware, SAP, Oracle) are helping retailers to compete and succeed in a new, digital world – providing the platforms, apps and services that enable seamless, omni-channel interactions and truly data-driven insights.

The Connected Retail Experience Center

For over 3 decades, Fujitsu has been enabling the world’s most progressive retailers using our innovative retail solutions. The Connected Retail Experience Center demonstrates some of our most powerful solutions that you can deploy with Fujitsu, across your stores, today.

Watch the video to find out how our solutions transform logistics through digital capabilities, predict and maintain your in-store infrastructure and most importantly, provide insight that drives sales across the shop floor.

  • More about the Connected Retail Experience Center

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