Security for Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology

Cyber Security Services for Operational Technology provide a secure network for manufacturing and utilities organizations, continuously monitoring and protecting your business critical digital assets.

Addressing the business challenges

Operational Technology (OT) equipment, sites and related processes are critical to the safe and reliable delivery of products and services.

Cyber security in manufacturing manages the threats to the equipment and production processes. If this is not addressed, the cyber threats can impact operations, production targets, causing damage to machines and workers and can cause loss of intellectual property.

These threats may come from external factors, malicious insiders or accidentally via suppliers.

Cyber security requirements need to enable safe and reliable operations and must be compliant with guidelines and standards such as ISA/IEC 62443.

Cyber Security engagements start with a careful assessment. The connectivity network must be capable to support new demands. The continuous security monitoring of core internal assets and processes must be established, and a new level of collaboration created between cyber security and operational technology experts.

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Operational Technology Cyber Security Services

The Fujitsu Operational Technology Cyber Security Services comprises three elements.

  • Operational Technology Assessment - A thorough assessment and risk analysis is the basis for recommendations for technological and organizational transformation, backed by a development roadmap. The assessment includes technical aspects and if necessary organizational and associated compliance requirements.
  • Operational Technology Transformation - Based on the prioritized assessment outcomes we implement improvements such as network segmentation, zones and conduits to control data flows, controlled OT network access and protection of vulnerable devices. We leverage previous customer investments as far as possible and we work closely with the customer’s OT field team and specialist partners to minimize the risk of disruption to critical processes during the transformation.
  • Operational Technology Managed Monitoring - We monitor the Operational Technology from the Fujitsu Security Operations Centers. We provide actionable insights, help to prevent, detect, mitigate and recover from cyber incidents in the Operational Technology estate and maintain a close connection to customers’ operational control centers.

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As organizations strive to achieve the benefits of digitization in their core operational processes, ensuring effective cyber security can appear to be just another cost or to be at best a necessary compliance requirement.

Cyber security is more. It is a key characteristic of high-quality digital products and services. This whitepaper explains how cyber resilience is a crucial part of the value organizations give to customers and stakeholders. The whitepaper describes a project, which Fujitsu is helping a leading UK Critical National Infrastructure Provider to deliver.

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Security Webinar

On demand webinar: The potential of IoT without compromising security

How can we exploit the potential of IoT without compromising security? As the range of IoT solutions expands, it is clear that we must find ways to ensure these infrastructures can be kept safe and secure.

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