Contactless Biometrics-Perfect For the New Covid-19 Era

Fujitsu PalmSecure: your enterprise, easily secured

PalmSecure™ award winning biometric authentication technology is the fastest, simplest, most versatile and efficient system available to verify your identity.

With the help of biometric sensor technology, which uses the unique palm vein pattern to perform high-level security authentication of individual persons, the system can make sure that you are the person who you say you are.

PalmSecure™ is more secure, user friendly and accurate than other biometrics. Besides it’s lower in cost. Using palm vein biometric authentication technology means you can save money on costly password reset requests. In addition, it's perfectly suited to the new Covid-19 era as it is completely contactless and hygenic

PalmSecure™ biometric security technology is based on more than two decades of Fujitsu image recognition experience, and has a wide range of applications across all industry sectors, including:

  • Physical access control system for visitors and staff – improves building security
  • Time and attendance solution – reduces employee fraud.
  • Secure access to enterprise-wide IT systems – removes the pressure of password resets.
  • Already integrated with banking, healthcare, and academic testing systems worldwide
  • Government agencies and financial institutions have put the device through a third-party security certification process

Our Biometric Authentication Solutions

PalmSecure Sensor

The leading edge technology known as “palm vein authentication” can be easily integrated into customer products.

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PalmSecure SDK

The PalmSecure SDK is a software development kit (SDK) for developing solutions and products that use the PalmSecure sensor.

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Choose the best biometrics for your business

As an enterprise organization, you still need to carefully consider your particular information security needs, and protect them from unwanted parties with relevant biometric identity management that brings together extreme ease of use and security across your enterprise.

Fujitsu helps in selecting the best-suited biometric technology for your particular budget, environment, requirements and other criteria, for optimal results.

As a leading provider and supplier of biometric authentication technology, Fujitsu has the expertise and insight to ensure your biometric authentication matches your business requirements.

Biometrics authentication and verification checklist

Effective biometrics should be:

  • Permanent - and unchanged during an individual's lifetime
  • Universal - based on a pre-defined, available technology
  • Easy to collect - and use
  • Safe - using validated methods specified by ISO standards
  • Unaffected by outside environmental influences - such as light quality or weather
  • Affordable

See how our PalmSecure biometric authentication technology works

Palmsecure ID Match

See how PalmSecure can be used to tackle identification and authentication challenges.

Physical Access Management

Find out how PalmSecure provides physical access management, with biometric authentication for lockers

Fujitsu PalmSecure Palm Vein Authentication Technology

PalmSecure, our market-proven biometric authentication technology based on palm vein pattern recognition, has been shown to be one of the most accurate biometric authentication solutions currently available.

PalmSecure provides a high level of accuracy, is easy to implement and uses a non-intrusive and contactless reader. This ensures virtually no physiological user restrictions while proving to be extremely hygienic as no contact to the skin is required. As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security.

  • High Safety - Palm vein is an internal biometric, therefor difficult to defeat compared to other external body biometrics such as fingerprint, face and iris.
  • High Accuracy - It has a false acceptance rate under 0.00001% when the false rejection rate is 0.01% (with 1 retry) which makes it one of the most accurate biometric authentication system currently available in the market.
  • High Acceptance - Contactless easy and hygiene operation with virtually 0% fail to enroll rate.

PalmSecure in more detail

Explore our PalmSecure portfolio:

Biometrics as a Service

Fujitsu's cloud-based Biometrics as a Service platforms cover physical access and logical access via palm vein readers and mobile devices and enable secure, enterprise-grade authentication using biometric technologies. Easy-to-use and cost-effective, our portfolio of solutions is extremely scalable and compatible with your existing operational processes.

  • Improve security with biometric multi-factor authentication
  • Say goodbye to forgotten passwords or lost tokens
  • Simple, intuitive, and fast to use
  • No personal identifiable information is stored, which keeps your data safe

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